De’Aaron Fox arrives in Sacramento


De’Aaron Fox arrived in his new home of California today. The Sacramento Kings organization and fans were absolutely blown away to have gotten Fox with the 5th pick last night.

Get to know future Wildcat Alex Reigelsperger

Alex Reigelsperger Dayton, OH (Wayne HS) 

Ht 6-3 Wt 235 40 4.70 Year Class of 2018 Position Weak-Side Defenseive End

Alex was one of the first to commit to the wildcats for the 2018 class. Alex is something this program needs. He’s not just a great player he’s a great recruiter. Since day one he’s always been trying to recruit his friends/teammates.

I had the opportunity to talk to Alex and here’s what he said… 

What made you choose Kentucky?

“It had what I was looking for. I know people care about me and my future there. I’ll get a good education. I’m close to home, I have a chance at early playtime and I’ll be in the best conference there is with a upcoming program.”

What do you hope to accomplish at UK?

“I come from a winning program and a winning team. I plan to win, that’s what I wanna accomplish, win. And be the best jack to step foot at UK.”

How do you feel about the football program at Kentucky as a whole?

“I feel great, I feel like stoops is really changing the place and we have a bright future ahead of us.”

What other schools have you visited?

“Michigan, Michigan state, osu, UT, wisconsin, PITT, Penn State, etc”

Did any of there facilities compare to UK’s new ones?

“Man, not really, I enjoyed the stadiums and the weightrooms, they all try to be bigger and better, I do love the stadiums and weight rooms, but personally, not really.”

Everyone knows how hard Kentucky is recruiting your fellow teammate/friend Blue. How important is it for you two to keep playing together?

“Very. We will both early enroll and I think we will be able to room together and it would really help us both develop quicker being more comfortable knowing someone, plus I’ve seen what he can do, he’s one of the most underrated recruits, he should be atleast top 5 in the nation, so having him, giving Jarren another huge threat, it would really make things great.” 

Is there a current player or prospect that you look forward to playing with? 


Do you have any interesting recruiting stories? 

“Man not really, just thankful for it all, I’ve got to see and meet amazing people and things, its all a blessing, nothing interesting”

Favorite Emoji?


What do you do when your not playing football?

“Uh, just lift and do college work, that’s it fr” 

Whats your favorite place to eat at and what do you order?

“Sake, shrimp and chicken😍”

If you were able to do anything besides play the sport you play, what would it be?

“I would be a cop, or a firefighter.”

Anything you want BBN to know?

“I really love you all and all the love I get is beyond appreciated by my family and I.” 

James Young on the move..


James Young may be headed elsewhere this offseason. He could very well be heading to join Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins in New Orleans.

Wildcats just keep teaming up everywhere across the NBA teams. The Pelicans really could use some of his three-point shooting.

Bam Adebayo arrives in Miami


Bam and his mom arrive in Miami and get a warm welcome from Pat Riley himself.