Boom Williams was at practice today!

Kentucky is in the process of a big sigh of relief as we found out that Boom did practice today! After all this drama going around regarding him this week, it feels great that he has got back on the field! I don’t expect Boom to play much against EKU but with Auburn looming, it feels great to get our biggest difference maker not named Patrick Towles back on the practice field!


Kentucky is 3-1! Mizz-who!?!?

Going into the game this past Caturday we heard a lot of criticism about the quarterback position, play calling, and under-utilizing our freshman tight end. I’m not saying that discouraged fans made an impact on Mark Stoops’ game plan but it sure looks like someone was listening.

Patrick Towles was nothing short of amazing against Mizzou. He threw for 249 yards with 2 touchdowns. Consistency wasn’t a problem as he was 22 for 27. He also threw to CJ Conrad for the first time this year connecting twice and giving the big guy his first TD as a wildcat! The offensive line held together a lot better than it did against Florida, giving Towles some much needed time to find his targets.

The play calling was pretty good most of the game mixing the run with short passes. The only issues I seen with play calling this week is when Stoops deciding to not take any shots at the end of the first half. You could hear the boo birds through the TV.

Overall, this was a must win game for the Wildcats if they wanted to have an impact this year. They got the win and will more than likely go in to the game against Auburn 4-1. That Thursday night game will be huge for the program and a great chance to show up and show out on a national stage! This season has passed expectations already and will only do that more as we continue! Go Big Blue!

Gator’s chomp us, again…

Saturday’s game came with as much anticipation and excitement as I’ve ever seen for a football game in this state! We were the sexy pick, everyone and their brother was picking UK to end the streak! The stadium was absolutely packed with fans decked out in blue and planning their entrance onto the field to greet our victors. The team seemed super focused, that is until the game started.

Let’s start out positive and say, the defense played out of it’s mind! At the beginning of the year everyone was saying our strength was offense and they just hoped we could keep teams from scoring as much as we did. Saturday our defense was the sole reason we stayed in the game. We shut out Florida in the 2nd half with several three and outs. Unfortunately, Patrick Towles and the offensive line did not play well. Towles was less than accurate and his consistency is becoming a worry. The line got beat all night by a very talented defensive line. The one play that we, as BBN members, will all remember is Dorian Baker dropping the pass in the end zone… If he catches that we go up 7-0 and it’s a totally different ball game!

Still, next week we have a chance to win against a beatable Missouri. We need to play well in this game and end up with the win. The Auburn game that is coming closer and closer will be a great atmosphere if we roll into it 4-1. Don’t give up on this team BBN! They still need our support! Oh, and that was pass interference at the end!

UK UNC Charity game was a huge success!

Sitting in the stands watching this collection of talent on the Rupp Arena floor was one of my favorite things that I’ve done as a UK fan! Cousins stole the show and showed Cal that he “held him back” by shooting 5-9 from three. Trey Lyles continues to be the smoothest shooter I’ve ever seen! Terrance Jones had several great dunks and Eric Bledsoe looked like he was having the most fun ever! I am really glad the guys came back to do this and I think it’s amazing that they raised 1.5 million dollars for charities!


Vlade Divac was also a huge star, getting his picture taken with a lot, and I mean, A LOT of people!

A nail-bitter ends with victory for the Cats!!!

UK will be going into the Florida game as a 2-0 team. Boom Williams scratched his way to 107 yards on 14 carries. Towles was 21 out of 29 for 192 yards and he threw one interception. The big play came on a two point conversion attempt to tie the game, Josh Forrest came in to tackle Pharoh Cooper and stripped the ball loose! Denzil Ware picked it up and booked it back for a two point conversion for the Cats!!!

Now, Kentucky goes back home to prepare for Florida who isn’t what you would call impressive. This next game is beyond huge for this team as it looks to go 3-0 and 2-0 in the SEC. Mikel Horton left the game with a neck injury. Hopefully he can return next Saturday to bring that physical run style to the Gators.

I will be at the UK vs. UNC charity game tomorrow and will post a few pics. If you want to send me your pics from any UK games or just you and your UK fandom, send them to or add us on snapchat – ukfansallday, GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!

Kentucky 40 – Louisiana-Lafayette 33

Saturday was the start of a new era for Kentucky football and it started with a BOOM!

Boom Williams’ 75 yard run on the first offensive play of the new CWS gave me that light headed feeling that I only get when jumping up and down, screaming, and looking for any hand in the air to smack! From that moment until somewhere in the 3rd quarter the team looked like what we all expected. The offense was good, taking more deep shots than last year and the defense was not so good. I remain positive and feel like we will get better on the defensive side of the ball as the year goes on.

I am fortunate to have season tickets in section 11. My new family is pretty great and I want to give a shoutout to all the fans in my section, especially those that I will call the 212 boys. The people to my immediate left were amazing fans! They had a special touchdown dance and a bust of Abraham Lincoln that they dressed up with some blue paint! I’m looking forward to seeing Abe do his traditional head bobs as our mascot does his push ups. The best part about my section though, I get to sit right next to the opposing fans! I love watching them cheer on their team with their “special chants”, getting mad when their team is faltering, and talking trash to all the UK fans around them when their team does anything positive! This season will be amazing!

If you have any photos from the game send them to I will post a top ten list of fan photos once I get enough traffic! Until then here’s one of my pics from Saturday.