Missed chances

The Auburn game was completely insane, the atmosphere was amazing, and we almost had a fight between UK fans in my section.

I knew coming into Thursday that the game was going to be close. We had our chances to win against a talented Auburn team. Boom Williams had a great game with 113 and 2 TDs. Garrett Johnson was unbelievable with 160 yards and these catches that he has been making are INSANE! Patrick played well and if our receivers don’t drop those key passes, we win.

The atmosphere was great, from Montgomery Gentry to the Cat Walk, there was just a buzz in the air. Getting to my seats I see a lot of orange in the stadium. Their fans were okay not great, but more importantly, not angry or mean. I’m not sure why the band section they had was comparable to ULL, maybe it had to do with distance, but, it was one of the smallest.

Now, I have talked about my row mates that I call the 212 boys. They bring a bust of Abe Lincoln and signs to every game. Well, we had a Kentucky fan in sitting in front of us. That fan decided to voice his displeasure with Kentucky’s performance in the first half, we were down by maybe 10 at the time. One of the 212 boys told him if he was going to be like that he should just leave. I agree, the way this guy was acting was horrible. Almost as if he’s only a fan if we are currently winning the game. Screw that non-sense!


Dominique is out 4 weeks

Dominique Hawkins is looking at a four week recovery after breaking a bone in is hand in practice over the weekend. Coach John Calipari said, “I really feel bad to have to report this because Dom was playing so well. He was so much more confident, so much more skilled. There was no doubt he was in the rotation, and now he’s just got to get back and stay in shape. We’re looking forward to getting him back in November.”


We play close games…

It looks as though the “Cardiac Cats” are here to stay! Even with an opponent that we are favored heavily to beat, this team just doesn’t stomp on anyone. What this means for our football team this year and in the future is what I want to discuss.

So, first of all, give EKU all the credit. They came out and played a solid game, made very few mistakes, and they thought they could win (and almost did). For our team though, we came out and struggled to get the run game started, sans Boom Williams. We failed to get a rhythm going throughout the first 53 minutes. That final 7+ minutes though, that’s where we need to be at all times. If we can find a way to stay in that state of mind, NO ONE can beat us! That to me is this team’s biggest weakness. It’s all up stairs, the youth could be to blame here. Nonetheless, we need to play with a reason, with purpose, with fire!!! Do this and we are scary good!

Going forward, I think this team will continue to develop, continue to mature, and continue to get stronger mentally. We’ve learned this year that we can win. Now, let’s take that next step and learn how to destroy!

Wenyen Gabriel picks UK!!!

Five star power forward Wenyen Gabriel has just picked Kentucky! He will be a part of the 2016 class, we can’t wait to see him ball!


wenyen gabriel