Georgia runs away with it

The big blue went down for the fourth time in a row, taking our record to 4-5. It wasn’t really close but the early miscues cost the Cats the chance to stay in it. From Timmons mucking the punt to being midfield and taking too long to make decisions. It was 3rd and 3 early on and the team took its time and let the Bulldogs substitute out. They failed that conversion attempt and probably should’ve known it was 4 down territory, instead we punted for a net 30 yards. In the 2nd quarter we had the ball at midfield and it was obviously 4 down territory, instead of being quick to the line after third down they substituted out, which allows the defense to match personnel. After it was all said and done we played bad and coached bad and deserved to get beat. We will see who steps up in the coming weeks and hopefully gets this team to a bowl game!


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