2015 was good but 2016 is going to be great!


So, this year marked the first year of this wonderful experience for me. I hope I can grow with this site into something everyone enjoys immensely. I wanted to share some stats with you on the site. I have had close to 500 views on the site with over 300 visitors, some are from other countries. The first international visitor was from Belgium then Canada and Japan jumped on board. I have posted over 40 post, I just want thank everyone for the positive feedback! A big thank you goes out to Mac Jones for giving me my first ever recruit interview. Big things are around the corner so stay tuned!


Two for one deal!


It looks like Stoops has chosen to have his fate lay in the hands of Eddie Gran and Darin Hinshaw. By the stats in the graphic above it looks like this could be a great move for the Cats but only time will tell. I for one am excited to see the Drew Barker era truly begin, I hope Stoops shows improvement next year so we can celebrate some good wins and hopefully go bowling. The two QB transfers have left us with Drew starting and Davis Mattingly and Gunnar Hoak left as our back up options. I’d like to see possibly a JUCO player come in just in case.

Pitino flies the bird after the loss!

A class act as always! Rick Pitino couldn’t handle getting beat by the Cats today apparently! Oh well Ricky P, have a lap dance, all will be fine!

Cal’s tweet says a lot

cal tweet

he went on to say:

Now the question becomes, how do we start moving forward? This is a good basketball team that will have a chance in every game we play. We’ve got to teach them winning time/situational basketball and the role that grit plays in this.

It’s a process, and you can’t skip steps. Time to get back to basics, and all that in the face of playing a really good Louisville team. These are challenges that excite me.

This is really telling about our coach and his beliefs on this team. To me he is just being realistic. Our team will grow throughout the season and hopefully will be where it needs to be when the real games start.

Christmas time is coming…


So, this past weekend we saw the Cats never get it all together in a game that the Buckeyes seemed to just want more. I personally saw the greatest number of visitors ever to the site. I want to thank you all for that! I am trying to grow this site into something special and I need you all to do that. What I would like is for everyone to comment on my little tidbits and grow a community of fans that share their thoughts, jokes, and even their displeasure. Don’t forget to like and share the site as well.

If you would like to write a story for the site, I would love to post them on here for the world to see. If you went to a game, saw a player at the mall, or just have a favorite UK memory, email me your story and pictures to ukfansallday@gmail.com. This site is designed to be the fans site to share their UK fandom! If anyone would like to be a write for the site and become my partner in crime, I’d love to hear from you! It’s not always the case that I’ll be on top of everything! GO CATS and Merry Christmas everyone!

Having a Gran ole time!


This marks a first for ukfansallday…… We have now become international with the first country other than the United States being Belgium. Yea, not sure what they were looking for but hey I’ll take the hits!!!!

It looks more and more like we will have Eddie Gran and will have him soon. Justin Rowland is reporting that it’s a done deal and could happen next week. Cincinnati plays on Christmas Eve so, it’ll probably be that weekend!