So, where are we now?

sec standings

With a loss to Vandy and Texas A&M winning against Missouri on Saturday we are tied going into the last 2 games of the regular season. Unfortunately, we lose the tie-breaker to A&M. UK could still even lose one or both their remaining games but I feel like with our 16-0 at home, we should at least win against LSU. So, here’s the breakdown for the top two teams:

Texas A&M

@Auburn Tuesday @ 9 on ESPNU

Auburn is not very good, even though they played great against us (everybody does!). I’m not counting out Auburn in this game though. Bruce Pearl is a hell of a coach, hopefully he can pull this one out!

vs. Vandy Saturday @ Noon on ESPNU

This could be a very tough game seeing as Vandy is playing pretty well right now.


@Florida Tuesday @ 7 on ESPN

This will be a difficult game for Kentucky even though Florida is not the same Gator team from the past.

vs. LSU Caturday @ 2 on CBS

Senior night for Alex Poythress, since we haven’t lost at home, and it’s likely the last game in Rupp for a lot of these kids… We ain’t losing this one!

So, there’s a chance we can win the SEC outright and go to Nashville with the top seed!

So you're telling me there's a chance. - Imgur



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