Laremy Tunsil goes full Brendan Dassey

So, the video of Laremy Tunsil smoking from a gas mask bong was just the tip of the iceberg last night. What should have been the greatest day in this kid’s life turned into a nightmare that he could never wake up from. The gas mask video hit the internet at 7:47 and the draft started at 8! Someone very malicious (ex-girlfriend maybe??) wanted to see Laremy suffer and that he did!

Later in the night his instagram gets hacked and messages concerning a coach giving him money to pay his and his Mom’s bills surface. First, I think it’s absurd that these kids can’t capitalize on their “image” until they are no longer under the NCAA flag. I know the NCAA has rules like that in place so that their is no competitive advantage but they make a heap of money of these kids and to say they have to struggle to pay bills while the CEO’s are out playing golf on some beautiful island somewhere is crazy!

Laremy didn’t hide anything last night though and maybe that is the right choice in his situation but after getting drilled by the media one lady came in and saved Tunsil from any further confessions he may have wanted to make.

I’m sure Laremy is really only concerned that Wrestlemania is on the WWE Network right now and he just wants to sit down and watch it!



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