My interview with Johnny Fritz

Johnny Fritz is a 6’2″ 180 lb. receiver out of Saint Cloud, FL. He recently picked up his first collegiate offer from Kentucky and was gracious enough to do a short interview with me.

Q: How do you feel about getting your first offer from Kentucky and who has primarily been recruiting you?

A: It feels amazing to know that they think I’m good enough to play on Saturdays with the top athletes. Coach Hinshaw has been the one (recruiting me).

Q: Is playing in the SEC a big draw for you?

A: Yes it’s a big draw for me, the SEC is the toughest conference to play in.

Q: Who is your favorite NFL player and what’s is your 40 time?

A: Antonio Brown and 4.71, I’m hoping to pick up speed in the next few months.

Q: You have any plans on attending any camps? What do you hope to accomplish during the rest of your high school career?

A: Yes, I plan on attending a camp at the University of Kentucky on the 17th. I plan on keeping my grades up, getting at least a 24 on the ACT, and trying to become the best person and football player I can be.

Q: You a PlayStation or Xbox guy and what’s your favorite game?

A: Xbox and Rainbow Six Siege

Q: Favorite restaurant and what do you order?

A: Little Ceasars and two large pepperoni pizzas.

Q: What do you watch on Netflix?

A: Action and sports movies.

I look forward to watching Fritz rise in the rankings as so many of Kentucky’s targets have. He seems like a great kid and would be a great Wildcat!


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