The Orlando Summer League Stats and what they mean

I wanted to look at the stats for the Orlando Summer League that wrapped up last week and see who helped move their career to the next level and who may have struggled.

Below you can see the former Cats that participated in the Orlando Summer League and the stats they accumulated during their time.


Aaron Harrison

It was on Aaron to be more of a leader on the court during the summer league. He was playing on a team where the most notable name on the roster other than Harrison was Wayne Blackshear. His 14.3 points per game were the best for his team and 13th best for the league. He was unable to find the rhythm though only shooting 31%. Patrick Ewing, Charlotte’s Associate Head Coach, said that last year they played him at the point but wanted to move him more to the 2 or 3. To be in that role and get a guaranteed contract he will need to be more consistent knocking down shots and getting to the rim. Right now Harrison is scheduled to make around 875k for the upcoming season.

Dakari Johnson

Dakari was one of the bright spots for former Kentucky players during the summer league action. He was on one of the more impressive teams, the Oklahoma City Thunder team which won all but one contest. His 44% from the field and 8.6 rebounds per game were refreshing to see for a guy who spent all last year in the D-League. With that kind of output any team that may need a young inexpensive big could take a chance and sign Johnson. It looks like Dakari needs to improve more defensively though and has been considered by some to “lumber” around. Still, a good showing and his improvments are comparable with his age (20 years old).

Marquis Teague

The most forgotten starter for the 2012 national championship team has some new life in the NBA. Teague was the 4th most productive player on his team and didn’t really showcase anything in terms of improvement. Dakari and Marquis are two of the players that”left too early” from Kentucky. It looks like they both could have benefited from staying a little longer to develop their skill set in college before making that jump. Plus, could you imagine what our team would have been with Teague instead of Harrow?

Alex Poythress

With one rebound per 7 minutes, Alex will probably be looking at spending next year in the D-Leauge. With that being said, we all know that Alex can be really good but is inconsistent. If he can pull it all together, maybe, we could make a NBA roster one day.


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