Week 1 Depth Chart has been released

Left Tackle
74 Cole Mosier, 6-6, 335, Jr-2L
67 Landon Young, 6-7, 305, Fr-HSimg_4092
Left Guard
68 Nick Haynes, 6-3, 316, Jr-2L
71 Logan Stenberg, 6-6, 318, Fr-RS
72 Jon Toth, 6-5, 310, Sr-3L
65 Jervontious Stallings, 6-3, 318, So-Sq
Right Guard
69 Ramsey Meyers, 6-4, 305, Jr-2L
64 George Asafo-Adjei, 6-5, 315, So-1L
Right Tackle
73 Kyle Meadows, 6-5, 300 Jr-2L
64 George Asafo-Adjei, 6-5, 315, So-1L
Tight End
15 C.J. Conrad, 6-5, 245, So-1L
85 Greg Hart, 6-5, 245, Jr-Tr
Wide Receiver
13 Jeff Badet, 6-0, 180, Jr-2L
8 Jabari Greenwood, 6-3, 195, Fr-RS
Wide Receiver
1 Ryan Timmons, 5-10, 198, Sr-3L
31 David Bouvier, 5-9, 171, So-Sq
Wide Receiver
9 Garrett Johnson, 5-11, 175, Jr-2L
88 Charles Walker, 5-11, 203, Jr-2L
Wide Receiver
2 Dorian Baker, 6-3, 208, Jr-2L
or 80 Tavin Richardson, 6-3, 216, Fr-RS
7 Drew Barker, 6-3, 225, So-1L
15 Stephen Johnson, 6-2, 183, Jr-JC
Running Back
3 Jojo Kemp, 5-10, 200, Sr-3L
or 18 Stanley “Boom” Williams, 5-9, 196, Jr-2L
48 Will Tom Collins, 5-11, 241, Sr-1L
49 Tanner Fink, 6-2, 251, Sr-Sq
Strongside Linebacker
41 Josh Allen, 6-5, 230, So-1L
8 Kobie Walker, 6-3, 215, So-Sq
Defensive Tackle
99 Adrian Middleton, 6-3, 303, So-1L
60 Calvin Taylor Jr., 6-9, 295, Fr-RS
Nose Guard
69 Matt Elam, 6-7, 360, Jr-2L
77 Naquez Pringle, 6-3, 320, Jr-JC
Defensive End
94 Courtney Miggins, 6-5, 285, Sr-1L
92 Alvonte Bell, 6-5, 260, Jr-JC
Defensive End/ Outside Linebacker
35 Denzil Ware, 6-2, 255, So-1L
44 De’Niro Laster, 6-4, 241, Jr-Tr
24 Blake McClain, 5-11, 200, Sr-3L
8 Kobie Walker, 6-3, 215, So-Sq
Middle Linebacker
51 Courtney Love, 6-2, 242, Jr-Tr
56 Kash Daniel, 6-1, 241, Fr-HS
Weakside Linebacker
34 Jordan Jones, 6-2, 220, So-1L
or 32 Eli Brown, 6-2, 215, Fr-RS
29 Derrick Baity, 6-3, 182, So-1L
3 Jordan Griffin, 6-0, 177, Fr-HS
or DaVonte Robinson, 6-2, 187, Fr-HS
21 Chris Westry, 6-4, 195, So-1L
11 J.D. Harmon, 6-2, 200, Sr-3L
Strong Safety
27 Mike Edwards, 6-0, 200, So-1L
5 Kendall Randolph, 6-0, 182, Jr-2L
Free Safety
24 Blake McClain, 5-11, 200, Sr-3L
15 Marcus McWilson, 6-0, 210, Sr-3L
Special teams
99 Austin MacGinnis, 5-10, 180, Jr-2L
95 Miles Butler, 5-9, 171, So-1L
80 Grant McKinniss, 6-1, 210, Fr-HS
or 93 Bryan Kirshe, 6-0, 150, So-Sq
Long Snapper
42 Tristan Yeomans, PS, 6-2, 190, So-JC
53 Blake Best, FG, PAT, 6-1, 246, Fr-RS
Punt Return
88 Charles Walker, 5-11, 203, Jr-2L
1 Ryan Timmons, 5-10, 198, Sr-3L
Kickoff Return
22 Sihiem King, 5-9, 172, So-1L
13 Jeff Badet, 6-0, 180, Jr-2L
42 Tristan Yeomans, 6-2, 190, So-JC
86 Grant McKinniss, 6-1, 210, Fr-HS

Why I Love College Football 

I was about 20 years old when I attended my first college football game. It was at Commonwealth Stadium and the Kentucky Wildcats were playing under Rich Brooks. I believe the first game I was in the stands for was against Mississippi St. In 2005. Ever since that night at CWS, I have been a huge fan of this game and the love I have for it has grown with every game watched. The following year I was in the stands for the Georgia game that saw the field goal post taken down by rabid fans. That experience would only fuel that fire of passion for both the Kentucky Wildcats football team and the sport as a whole.

That interception by Trevard Lindley on Matthew Stafford was one of the first times I got that light headed feeling from cheering on the Cats.

Throughout the years I have seen a lot of great talent go through the NCAA and make waves in the NFL. Calvin Johnson from Georgia Tech, AJ Green from Georgia, Andrew Luck at Stanford, Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu from LSU, and countless others. Speaking of Patrick Peterson this clip from Devin Booker kinda cracks me up!

Booker seems pretty confident here! With all those guys who successfully played both in college and the pros, there are also those who showed promise and then fell flat. The names that comes to mind are Jamarcus Russell from LSU and Brady Quinn From Notre Dame.

Fast forward to 2013 and I now have season tickets for the first time and to say I was disappointed in my team would be an understatement. It was Mark Stoops’ first season as a head coach and he inherited a less than stellar talent pool. The very first game showed everyone what the absence of talent will do to you when we lost to Bobby Petrino and the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky. From there Kentucky battled but came up short in all but two games that season. That season still lit a fire in the BBN for what Stoops could do for the program. He had success recruiting in Florida his first class and starting working Ohio in his 2nd class. That second class included Drew Barker, Dorian Baker, Blake Bone, Mike Edwards, Boom Williams, and Matt Elam. It was ranked 23rd in the nation by 247sports.

Now, I get to cover this wonderful sport and connect with the kids that will be the future stars in college and possibly even the pros! Finding something that you are passionate about and can make a career of is the best feeling in my professional life! I have grown from being a spectator, to fan/blogger, and now to a full on writer! I started contributing to aseaofblue.com this off-season and it has benefited me immensely in my writing ability. I can’t wait to see where this sport takes me professionally and can’t wait for this sport to get started back up and entertain the masses again!

Nesbitt Finds Kentucky as the Right Fit!

Michael Nesbitt let everyone know last night that he is committing to UK! Mark Stoops gets a 3-star corner from Fort Lauderdale, FL that had offers from Auburn, Louisville, Arkansas, South Carolina, West Virginia, and many others! He is listed on 247 sports as a 6’0″ 185 lb. class on 2017 kid with a 4.4 40!!! I like how Stoops is making a priority out of turning UK into a powerhouse in the defensive backfield! Nesbitt will get the chance to learn how to play at a higher level by show of the best in the sport!


Derek Willis Will NOT Be Suspended

Derek Willis2

Cal has announced that Derek Willis will not be suspended for his citation earlier this year. The incident seen Derek passed out in the driver’s side of a vehicle on the side of the road. It wasn’t what you would want for a young person, especially one in the public eye, and Cal had every right to punish him. That’s not what he chose to do, and I for one do not blame him. Derek is a college student and these kinds of issues come up, it happens. He has also taken steps to right his wrong in this situation. Glad to see we will have our stretch 4 all season!

The SEC Network’s prediction for the Kentucky Football season

Last night, the SEC put the spotlight on Mark Stoops’ crew at Kentucky. Clint Stoerner and Jordan Rodgers predicted every game in the 2016 season.Jordan Rodgers is of course the winner -eh, if that is what you want to call it- of the past season of Bachelorette on ABC. You know, the show where an attractive lady dates 20 + guys and always keeps the crazy ones around too long, crushes the heart of any “nice guys”, and always ends up with the guy who will make her engagment photos “look” better. So, congratulations on that Aaron’s bitter little brother!

jordan rodgers

Jordan Rodgers and Pidgeotto, or two pidgeottos….I can’t tell

This is how they predicted the season to go:

Southern Miss: Win
at Florida: Loss
New Mexico State: Win
South Carolina: Win
at Alabama: Loss
Vanderbilt: Loss
Mississippi State: Win
Missouri: Win
Georgia: Win
Tennessee: Loss
Austin Peay: Win
Louisville: Loss

This looks pretty similar to me. I predicted we would go 7-5 with the only difference from what Rodgers and Stoerner had being a Vandy and Georgia flip. Come one though, Kentucky beating Georgia this year, that seems unlikely!


6.5 Point Favorites Over a Team Ranked 40 Spots Higher…


CBS Sports has ranked all FBS football team and Southern Miss is a 34 currently and Kentucky is 40 spots lower at 74. 74!!! I know we haven’t been consistently good or anything but that seems low! This week Vegas Insider put Kentucky as the favorite to win against Southern Miss in the home opener. Not only win but a 6.5 favorite. So, why is it that we should beat a team ranked higher than us? Could it be that both teams were ranked incorrectly? Is the point spread incorrect?

In my opinion we should’ve been ranked higher and Southern Miss should’ve been ranked lower. Sure they were a bowl team last year and we weren’t but Southern Miss lost to anyone they played last year that had over 5 wins with the exception of Louisiana Tech. The record of their opponents that they beat is 33-82 while the record of the teams they lost to is only 44-22. That’s an average of 3.6 wins and 9.1 losses for their opponents that they beat and 8.8 wins to 4.4 losses for teams they lost to.What is it exactly that Southern Miss has done to earn a ranking of 34th in the nation? It certainly isn’t consistently beating teams that are over .500 level.

On the flip side Kentucky’s opponents that they claimed victory over last year had a record of 20-39 an average of 4-7.9. Not anything special there either but it is better than the Golden Eagles’ average. For the opponents that Kentucky lost to last year, their record was 57-34 an average of 8.1-4.8. Which is a little lower than Southern Miss’ average. Still, not a huge difference. It does look like to me though that these two teams should have been ranked closer together instead of hyping up a team that hasn’t earned a top 40 ranking. Also, always trust vegas, they get it right WAY more than they get it wrong!