6.5 Point Favorites Over a Team Ranked 40 Spots Higher…


CBS Sports has ranked all FBS football team and Southern Miss is a 34 currently and Kentucky is 40 spots lower at 74. 74!!! I know we haven’t been consistently good or anything but that seems low! This week Vegas Insider put Kentucky as the favorite to win against Southern Miss in the home opener. Not only win but a 6.5 favorite. So, why is it that we should beat a team ranked higher than us? Could it be that both teams were ranked incorrectly? Is the point spread incorrect?

In my opinion we should’ve been ranked higher and Southern Miss should’ve been ranked lower. Sure they were a bowl team last year and we weren’t but Southern Miss lost to anyone they played last year that had over 5 wins with the exception of Louisiana Tech. The record of their opponents that they beat is 33-82 while the record of the teams they lost to is only 44-22. That’s an average of 3.6 wins and 9.1 losses for their opponents that they beat and 8.8 wins to 4.4 losses for teams they lost to.What is it exactly that Southern Miss has done to earn a ranking of 34th in the nation? It certainly isn’t consistently beating teams that are over .500 level.

On the flip side Kentucky’s opponents that they claimed victory over last year had a record of 20-39 an average of 4-7.9. Not anything special there either but it is better than the Golden Eagles’ average. For the opponents that Kentucky lost to last year, their record was 57-34 an average of 8.1-4.8. Which is a little lower than Southern Miss’ average. Still, not a huge difference. It does look like to me though that these two teams should have been ranked closer together instead of hyping up a team that hasn’t earned a top 40 ranking. Also, always trust vegas, they get it right WAY more than they get it wrong!


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