The SEC Network’s prediction for the Kentucky Football season

Last night, the SEC put the spotlight on Mark Stoops’ crew at Kentucky. Clint Stoerner and Jordan Rodgers predicted every game in the 2016 season.Jordan Rodgers is of course the winner -eh, if that is what you want to call it- of the past season of Bachelorette on ABC. You know, the show where an attractive lady dates 20 + guys and always keeps the crazy ones around too long, crushes the heart of any “nice guys”, and always ends up with the guy who will make her engagment photos “look” better. So, congratulations on that Aaron’s bitter little brother!

jordan rodgers
Jordan Rodgers and Pidgeotto, or two pidgeottos….I can’t tell

This is how they predicted the season to go:

Southern Miss: Win
at Florida: Loss
New Mexico State: Win
South Carolina: Win
at Alabama: Loss
Vanderbilt: Loss
Mississippi State: Win
Missouri: Win
Georgia: Win
Tennessee: Loss
Austin Peay: Win
Louisville: Loss

This looks pretty similar to me. I predicted we would go 7-5 with the only difference from what Rodgers and Stoerner had being a Vandy and Georgia flip. Come one though, Kentucky beating Georgia this year, that seems unlikely!



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