KYwildcatsTV South Carolina Feature is Amazing!

One of my favorite games of the Stoops era has now received the “NFL Films” treatment thanks to the good people behind Kentucky Wildcats TV. Check it out and let me know how pumped you are after watching it!


Who is Danny Clark?

Danny Clark is a class of 2017 pro-style quarterback from Massillon, OH. He is 6’4″ and weighs in at 223 lbs. He just decommitted from Ohio State and it’s clear that he is a true buckeye fan and it hurts him to realize that his playing style doesn’t necessarily fit the OSU offense.

Follow him on Twitter @DClarkQB

Kentucky vs. South Carolina Live Blog

There’s a lot of nasty rumors flying around about Stoops but I don’t believe there’s much merit to be found there. The team seems focused and has heard from Wesley Woodyard pre-game. I’d say they’ll be plenty fired up at the start.

Denzil Ware stuffs the run and forces a 3rd and long!!! Got the 3 and out on the first drive!!! Now, let’s get some points!

Huge fumble by Ross… Defense needs to put in the work here. Jordan Jones forces the punt.

Boom runs early and grabs a first down and then a big 21 yard gain! Lost the momentum after a false start call that was iffy. Johnson gets sacked and we punt.

Josh Allen got pressure there and we end up with a sack! Punt and UK takes the field! So far the defense has shown up!

After a poor decision by Johnson by not throwing the ball away the punt unit gets off a great coffin corner kick but didn’t need it. SC runs into the kicker and keeps the drive alive!

Bevin got a flat tire on the way to CWS…. that’s good! Shout out to all the nails, screws, and other various road debris out there! Cats get a long drive thanks to the run game and get 3 points and the lead!

Defense gets off the field on 3rd down and has a chance to make it a two-score game!

Just found out Andy Milonakis is still out there creating wonderful music…. Shout out to AM!

Great punt after we fail to get the first down. Gave up a big play on a screen and that play leads to a SC touchdown and we’ve lost the lead. How we respond will say a lot.

Johnson keeps the ball on 3rd and 4 and only gets two. Defense needs to hold. We get the ball back with 1:18 would love to see a screen to Badet here. Or we could run some clock down before deciding we actually want to try to score. The timeout with 4 seconds left showed me something I like, Stephen Johnson who just missed a pass to Garrett Johnson talks to Juice about what he saw while on the sideline.

Halftime: UK down 7-3

BOOOOOOOOM! He capped off a long drive with a great touchdown to take the lead!!!

Pressure, pressure, pressure, and punt! Courtney Love showed up on that series. Trust in Boom! Let him eat!

Well we get cute and turn the ball over after running the ball well. That’s not what we want… Putting a lot of pressure on our defense.

Defense holds and we start our offensive series going backwards and finally punt. Almost lost the ball as SC picks up their pressure and we look confused on offense.

Our defense is still playing well but it looks like there will be SC points. Alvonte Bell saved the drive and SC kicks the field goal for the tie.

Benny Snell carries the ball over and over with his physical style! We get a shot of the classic double BS by Mark Stoops after Meadows gets injured run-blocking. Benny Snell gets into the endzone on a long drive to give the Cats a touchdown lead!

Jordan Jones puts pressure on the McIlwain and gets the defense off the field. If we can run like we have so far we can win it here.

They run the ball well but not well enough. Punt puts them on the 30. Defense has to hold for the next 4 minutes and change!

Josh Allen gets pressure to force a third and long. SC throws to the end zone but great defense by Edwards, Ware got some great pressure there. Ware just comes up with a huge sack and it should be over!!!!

FINAL: UK 17-SC 10

Kickoff is Coming…


Kentucky will kickoff against South Carolina at 7:30 on SEC Network. This is a yyyuuuuuugggggeeee game for Mark Stoops and all of BBN. So, I figured I’d run down the two scenarios and see what you all think.

1. Kentucky wins

In this case we would be 2-2 going into Alabama. Our fan base would have hope going into the Vandy game that we could finish the first half 3-3. BBN gets to enjoy Big Blue Madness but the diehard football fans will still be focused on the pigskin. Stoops and our players get to breathe a sigh of relief and focus on trying to take down the giant (Alabama).

2. Kentucky loses

BBN checks out. Mark Stoops gets squarely placed on the hot seat. Players go to Alabama with their heads down and not believing they have a chance.

So, lets all get behind our team and be the 12th man tonight! CWS better be packed full of loud passionate fans. Let’s get Commonwealth Stadium rocking!!!!

Love for Barker Coming from Former QBs

Kentucky Leads Georgia 

For a sport I don’t know much about, this game, er match?, is getting me hyped! I love that these ladies are getting kills! We look pretty good out there! Go Volleyball Cats!