Top Tailgaters Contest

Yesterday I got to visit some great friends while making my rounds in the parking lots of CWS. Instead of just having a few drinks and eating all kinds of grilled meats, I decided to open up a competition to reward one group of fine tailgaters for the wonderful set up, spread, and all the amenities their parking lot party has.

So, take a gander all the three choices I have posted below and vote for your favorites at the end!

Kuhl Cat Tailgating



From: London, KY
Menu: Jets Pizza, Chips & Dip, Adult Beverages
Amenities: Music, family, and friends
What makes their tailgate special: Friends, family, and beverages of choice!

RJ & Blue Crew





From: Winchester, KY
Menu: Steak, Cheese & crackers, & Meatballs
Amenities: TV, Radio, Personal Chef, and Bathroom
What makes their tailgate special: The bus!

Thornsbury “Wildcat” Tailgate











From: Augusta, KY
Menu: Burgers, Dogs, Chips, Salsa, Wings, Margaritas, Beer, & of course… KY Bourbon
Amenities: Satellite TV, Sound System, and Cornhole
What makes their tailgate special: The People!, Wildcat Fans!!, Friends, Family, and Football!

The winner will win a $50 MasterCard Pre-paid gift card provided by The Job Shop! So, vote and share!!!

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