UK @ Bama Live Blog

We are getting close to game time in Tuscaloosa and ukfansallday has your live blog needs covered!

Alabama looking pretty good early and Kentucky doing a poor job tackling. Forced them into a long 3rd down and Damien Harris comes up short. Then a false start causes Bama to go for it on fourth and they drop the pass!!!!

Boom with a great 1st down run! Conrad gets involved early! Tavin Richardson with a great catch for the first down!

We got to the Benny zone but used Jojo in the wildcat formation for a short gain. End up kicking a field goal and get the bounce to take the 3-0 lead!


Two runs and on 3rd down Johnson to Johnson for a huge first down! Johnson gets a pass attempt to Conrad tipped and then gets sacked on 3rd and long and fumbles the ball. Still no Benny Snell… head-scratcher for sure.

Long drive by the Tide here and their knocking on the door. Lots of holding calls that are being missed. Kentucky holds Bama to the field goal. Tied 3-3!

Our boys are doing their job tonight and hanging with the #1 team in the nation! Defense forces a punt after three Jalen Hurts runs. Should’ve been pinned deep but it goes between the Alabama players legs into the endzone. Phew!

Offense missed a chance there, Johnson had a guy open and threw it behind him. If we can get Boom and Benny going we should be able to make this a game!

Alabama picks up the tempo a little and it has the Cats reeling. They run, run, run, and run some more to get the score. 10-3 Alabama.

PSA: Blake Bone is still on the football team and what a catch! Richardson with another great catch! Flea flicker almost completed then a tough Jojo run. Stephen Johnson gets pressured and fumbles the ball for a Crimson Tide score.

3 and out. My child just asked me why I was talking to the TV. I’m not sure, I’m really not sure.

Methodical drive for Bama. Tide have to settle for a field goal attempt and they miss! With 44 seconds left in the first half I think we need to take a deep shot. We have nothing to lose.

Benny Snell gets his first touch to run down the clock.

Halftime: UK 3 – #1 Bama 17

3 and out. We have no working offense right now. No run game and no time to pass the ball. This is Alabama we are playing. I’d still like to see Benny Snell get his shot at a real drive!

Jordan Jones comes up with a physical tackle on 1st down. These out routes are killing us right now. If we could telegraph one of those we could change the momentum! Josh Allen down, seems to be ok though. Probably got the wind knocked out of him. They connect on a deep crossing route and end up with the touchdown. 24-3 Bama.

Ahhhh Benny Snell! Some good play calling here early in this drive. Benny Snell got ate up in the backfield and another 3rd and long. Punt unit comes out and gets a penalty. Punt puts them on the 24 yard line.

Long drive for Alabama and Kentucky looks exhausted. Touchdown Tide, Bama takes the 31-3 lead. Time to think about getting some third string guys some experience.

Going backwards on offense isn’t a good look.

Bama adds a field goal. 34-3 Tide. Still a respectable game by our boys and I believe the next 4 games are very winnable!

Long drive for Kentucky ends with A field goal. 34-6 Alabama.

The spread is in danger right now. A lot of money could be won by those who picked UK to keep the margin of victory under 35!

We beat the spread! I don’t think there were any major injuries!

FINAL: UK 6 – Alabama 34


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