Triple-Double Man

Who seen this coming!?!?


Lamar Thomas Trolls UofL

This guy has brought so much swag to this program! Gotta love this move and it’s great seeing the party in the locker room!!

Dirty Bird Live Blog

Can the Cats knock off the Cards? We are about to find out!

Lamar Jackson is one rushing touchdown away from having 20+ passing touchdowns and 20+ rushing touchdowns. As you can see in the graphic below everyone else who has accomplished that went on to take some hardware home with them.

All the pickers on College Gameday picked Louisville to win.

A couple of big plays to start for Louisville then they try the run game and get stopped. 3rd down in the redzone and Jackson scorches the Kentucky defense for a 7-0 Cardinal lead.

First play strike Johnson to Johnson!!!! 7-7 and we have a ball game! We might see 100 points put up in this one!

Defense steps up and gets a punt out of Louisville. Now, if we can keep it on the ground and keep Mr. Jackson off the field. We may just have a shot here!!! Johnson gets out of the pocket in 3rd down and gets a great block from Baker and gets the first down.

They are holding our run game to minimal gains and caused us to punt. First play on defense Kentucky gets pressure and Jackson turns into a big play. He took a shot to the head though. Things getting chippy already. Courtney Love gets a huge hit on Jackson and forces a punt!

Kentucky flips the field thanks to Benny out of the backfield. Then Boom caps it off with a touchdown!!! 14-7 Cats!!!

Pressure ramping up on Jackson and the Cats got him down! They get all but 2 yards back and it’s 4th and 2. Petrino looks like he’s going for it. Jackson picks it up and after one quarter it’s still 14-7 Cats but the Cards are knocking at the door.

First play of the second quarter is a touchdown pass by Jackson and Westry was very confused on that play. 14-14

So far there has been a heavy dose of the Wildcat and it is paying off with some decent gains. Unfortunately the UK coaches still trust Baker to catch a ball and we have to punt.

Clay County’s own Jacob Hyde comes up big on 2nd and goal to get a stop and goes low and opens up a hole on 3rd down that lead to a two yard loss! Cards kick a field goal as Kentucky holds them on the goal line to make it 17-14 Cards. The next series is huge for the Cats!

We start with great field position due to the kick off going out of bounds. We need at least 3 here. Johnson runs up the middle for a big gain. A hold pushes us back and we now have to get at least 20 yards. 3rd and 15 and a tipped pass gets intercepted. Should’ve had a throw to the sidelines there.

Jones gets a 1st down sack but Louisville comes back and gets the first down. The secondary is getting carved up like all the turkeys this weekend.

A great pitch play gets the Cards in the endzone and stretches the lead to 10 24-14 Cards. Turnovers hurt, got to strike back here.

Early pass interference that the announcers didn’t want to give us and then Johnson and Johnson do their thing again! Juice has 149 yards and 2 touchdowns already! 24-21 Cards.

With 2 minutes left, he have to hold them here. 1st down sack then a big pass play. 3rd and short and Jackson runs to the edge and doesn’t get the 1st down!!! 55 seconds left. Kentucky gets pinned on the 3 though.

PSA: Kids don’t need to read Mark Stoops lips ever!

HALFTIME: Kentucky 21 – Louisville 24

Kentucky starts with the ball and is moving it pretty well. Johnson to Johnson again but this time it was a pass to himself and a big 3rd down conversion! Benny Snell in for the TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY!!!!! 28-24 CATS!!!!!

Jackson runs wild on Kentucky and gets it to the redzone. This time Kentucky doesn’t get the goal line stand and Louisville goes back up 31-28. Heck of a game, I could’ve been talking about looking forward to our bowl game but let’s face it, this game is going to be waaaaayyyyyy better than our bowl game!

Long drive by Kentucky, eating up clock is huge here! Johnson has looked great passing the ball today! A couple of corner routes to Timmons and Louisville plays them very well and we kick for the tie. 31-31!

First play is an INTERCEPTION Mike Edwards!!!!!

Heavy dose of Benny Snell, their defense is going be tired down the stretch! TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY!!!! Dorian Baker totally redeemed himself!!!! 38-31 CATS!!!!

Turnovers hurt and right now the Cards are wounded! Middleton gets in the backfield and stops Jackson before he gets back to the line of scrimmage. Their tight end is getting open and making the best of it. Louisville is moving the ball well and it looks like they’re going to end with points. INTERCEPTION KENTUCKY!!!!! Tipped pass comes right to Blake McClain!!!

This very important drive started off with a defensive player meeting Jojo Kemp as soon as we got the handoff. Jojo went out of the wildcat in his own endzone and ran it within one yard of the first down. Then picks that up after a injury timeout. We’re taking time off the clock and eating up small chunks of yards. As long as that continues we win. Failed 3rd down conversion forces UK to punt. C’mon defense!!!

Louisville doesn’t waste much time getting to the redzone. Now at the 1 yard line, I expect Jackson to run here. He does and it’s all tied up again. 38-38, what a game!

Louisville get flagged for roughing the passer and Nick Haynes is down with a leg injury. Our offensive line is key and we all hope he is ok. Johnson avoids a sack and runs to Louisville’s side of the field! Boom is on the ground injured and looks like he’s in a lot of pain after he runs out of the wildcat. Benny Snell coughs it up and Louisville has it on their 45.

Jackson fumbles inside the 10!!!!!! 1:45 left and we only need a field goal!!! Kentucky moves the ball into field goal range!!!! 18 seconds left and a 47 yard try. MACGINNIS HITS IT!!! 41-38 KENTUCKY!!!!

6 seconds left! INTERCEPTION!!!!! KENTUCKY WINS!!!!!!!