Tennessee Live Blog

We are a little over a half an hour until game time and there are a few things to watch for during this game. First, Benny and Boom could find their names in the record books today.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

The other thing is the point spread. Kentucky is currently a 14 underdog and they are 5-4 against the spread this season. I see this one as a lot closer than what the experts think!

No love from the SEC Network!

First play there’s a strip of the ball and no review. I thought it was out. Third and short and Westry comes up and stops Kamara short! After a false start Tennessee is forced to punt!

First play is a run pass option and Stephen Johnson with a huge 75 yard run!!! 

Second play sees Boom in for the score!!! 7-0 Cats!

Dobbs gets a big run for Tennessee and their getting close to field goal range. Busted coverage by Baity gives Tennessee an easy score and we’re all tied up. 7-7

Penalty gives Kentucky’s drive alive and we’re at midfield! Johnson is not looking too comfortable throwing the ball right now. Tennessee’s secondary also making it hard to complete short throws and keeping Johnson from getting comfortable. Kentucky is forced to punt after a 3rd and 4 play saw a slant attempt to Badet. We need to lean on Benny and Boom more. Take what the defense is giving us and we are getting yards on the ground so far.

Kentucky gives Dobbs are shorts of trouble and gets the ball back after a punt. Johnson finds Badet for 15 and Kentucky is on UT’s side of the field! Benny with a big run gets the ball into the redzone! After Johnson fails to hit Conrad Kentucky gets a delay of game penalty that pushes back their field goal attempt. It’s still good! 10-7 Cats!

Defense looks like hot butter right now. Tennessee is moving the ball at will and at the goal line. 

Dobbs takes it in and the Vols lead 14-10.

Badet down after a return and injuries are piling up with Westry (ankle) Baity (ribs) and now Badet (hip).

Johnson gets a good run and a late hit call to put the ball at midfield. Boom with a first down run. Boom again for 6 yards. Three plays with positive outcomes and what do they all have in common? All runs. Into the 2nd quarter and our run game looks good and everything else looks not so good. Inside the 10, RUN THE BALL! Jordan Jones is reportedly suffering back spasms and that could be huge! This long drive is reminiscent of the one where we threw the fade to Baker in the Georgia game….3rd and goal and they run it with no luck. 25 yard field goal attempt makes it 14-13 Vols.

With our corners banged up, Tennessee uses the passing game to go down the field and get an easy touchdown. 21-13 Vols.

Johnson to Bone on first down looked great on both sides throw and catch! Bone’s 3rd catch of the year is a dandy! 3rd and 6 Johnson throws to Bone again and Bone went all Blake Bone on em. Forced punt by Tennessee gets them the ball with an eight point lead. Let’s hope our defense can stop the big orange.


Defense looks confused and they are gashing us for yards. Ware goes out with an injury as if we needed more of those. Josh Allen comes up huge with a sack on 3rd down! Forces a punt! Courtney Love got some pressure on that play!

Two minute drive and it starts with a run then a sack. Tennessee wants the ball back with time to score. It’s 3rd down and Kentucky needs to get a first down here at least. Tavin Richardson gets the first with a screen! Our 2 minute offense doesn’t look good so far as we get a false start penalty. Jojo Kemp gets a carry and it seems like Stoops just wants to get in the locker room. John Cena’s theme music is being played because of course it is! Johnson to Johnson didn’t connect, Juice had no hands there.

Baity is back in a gets a huge pick! I’d love to see the post route right now! 4 seconds left and we will have a shot at the endzone! The Hail Mary gets picked off and at halftime it 21-13 Vols.

Boom starts it off with a huge 39 yard run! Conrad with a great grab! Gets injured on the play but a great catch! Hopefully it’s not serious and he can get back out there for at least blocking purposes. In the redzone and first play goes backwards. Another field goal attempt and we’re down by 5. 21-16 Vols.

Tennessee gets backed up by a penalty on the return, Kentucky can turn this game on its head here if they can be strong on defense! Starts off bad with two runs for decent yards. An easy throw for Tennessee goes to a flea flicker and gets another touchdown. Our team can’t hang it’s head here. They haven’t in these situations all year but we will see what happens here. 

Run game gets us to midfield again. Johnson gets sacked because we’re trying to throw. I trust Benny and Boom not our passing game. As I type that Blake Bone makes a great grab that was ruled incomplete but should be overturned! BLAKE BONE!!!! 

Benny fumbles the ball in the redzone and that’s a killer mistake. Benny has gave us so much though, he’s still our POY.

Keep you heads up this is only a 12 point game with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd. Got a long way to go! Don’t give up! Defense is not looking good but all it takes is one play to turn this around! Welp Kamara finds the endzone and our injuries are killing us right now. 35-16 Vols, we still aren’t out of it but we have to get 7 on this next drive!

3 and out and a punt. Tennessee fumbles to give us a chance! It only prolonged the inevitable. The 4th quarter starts an Tennessee is firmly in control.

Jojo Kemp scores off a big 71 yard run!!!! They go for two and don’t get it, very ugly play. 35-22 Vols.


Dobbs gets back to pay dirt and it’s 42-22 Vols.

Kamara gets in to make it 49-22 and this live blog is shutting down. Let’s get the win next week and go bowling!


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