My Interview with Isaiah Epps

I had the great opportunity to talk to Mark Stoops’ latest commit earlier today and wanted to share with the BBN a little bit of what we talked about. First, I’d like to tell you all a little more about this kid. He is a 6’3″ 185 pound WR from Jenks, Oklahoma. He is the 20th commitment that Kentucky has earned for the 2017 recruiting class. 247 has Epps listed as a 3 star receiver and we have seen throughout the year how Kentucky recruits continue to rise in the rankings. After speaking with Isaiah, I have to say that I love his attitude and how excited he seems to be to wear blue and white! So, here it is, my interview with Isaiah Epps.


Q: I see you are from Jenks, OK. What is there to do in Jenks, Oklahoma?

A: It’s really a football city. We’ve won 4 straight state championships from 2012-2015 (15 total). So really, everyone in the city is at the football games. I’d have to say football games on Friday nights, other than that there’s really not much to do other than Main Street. We have a Main Street with some restaurants and a movie theater.

Q: Who has primarily been recruiting you at Kentucky?

A: Darin Hinshaw, that’s who I initially talked to and he came down to watch a practice then came down for a game and that’s when he offered me. He’s a great guy, his energy is high, I really like him. Whenever I went down there on Sunday, we sat down a watched film on both Jenks and Kentucky. I could just tell he’s super excited about the program and what they have coming in.

Q: Do you expect to redshirt your first year? If they do end up redshirting you, would that bother you?

A: I’m sure no one wants to redshirt. Personally I don’t want to redshirt and they said that there’s opportunity for some freshman to come in and start. I’m just going to come in and work hard and hopefully that’s me. If I do get redshirted, I’ll look at it as a learning experience, I don’t think it’d be a bad thing, maybe they would think I just wasn’t ready to play in the SEC yet. I would just take it as a learning experience and just focus in and work on strength and conditioning, work on getting stronger and faster for the next season.

Q: What have you been timed at on your 40?

A: 4.54

Q: Have you done any kick returning/punt returning in high school?

A: I was a punt returner for a few games but my coaches didn’t like that too much, they didn’t want something to happen to me. I was a kick returner with my teammate Jordan Curtis, an Arkansas commit, all season long.

(Note: Kentucky will play Arkansas in 2019 Epps Sophomore year)

Q: Who would you say your style most compares to?

A: Kinda like a little bit taller Dede Westbrook, just because we both are kinda quick and have the ability to make people miss.

Q: Has anyone from the 2017 class reached out to you since your commitment?


A: Yeah, we actually have a little group message on Twitter, Cat Gang. I got added to it as soon as I committed and they were all pretty excited. We bonded pretty well on my official.

Q: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

A: Friday Night Tykes

Q: What is your favorite place to eat and what do you order?

A: Sushi Hana, I don’t get sushi though. I actually order fried rice.

Q: What’s your most used emoji?

A: 😂

I really enjoyed talking with Isaiah today and I hope everyone reaches out to let him know how much BBN is looking forward to seeing him in between the white lines. His Twitter is @isaiahepps_81 go follow him!

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