Late Night Overtime Win Without Fox

Briscoe and Monk came up huge tonight as Kentucky battled back after being down big early to beat Georgia in overtime. It was a great way to stop a losing streak and it’s good to see that we can do it without Fox.


De’Aaron Fox is Out Tonight

I’m not sure exactly what the reason is yet but De’Aaron Fox is not playing tonight. I’ll keep you updated.

It looks like it’s an illness that may keep him out. He is now in the game time decision.

Today is the Turning Point

With Kentucky Basketball losing its last two games it’s clear that something has to change for Kentucky to get where they want to be. We’ve all heard the talk about “selfish play” and “not making winning plays” but what I think the problem is right now for Kentucky is responding to adversity. These kids have been so successful their whole lives to get them to this point, so, I’m questioning whether or not we can take a punch. We’re looking like Ronda Rousey right now. What I want to see is if we come out on Tuesday night and beat Georgia and in a future game I want to see us have to battle back from a double digit deficit to win. Until I see that I will worry that when we get into a difficult game in the tournament, we will be knocked out and left bloodied on the mat.

Kansas Players Being Investigated 

ESPN has a story up now that describes a legal case that law enforcement officials are investigating reguarding an alleged sexual attack at a dorm where the Kansas players live.

This is unfortunate news and will more than likely shroud what should be a great basketball game coming up on Saturday.