Brady’s Jersey: Stolen or Conveniently Misplaced?

I’ll admit to two things at the beginning of this article, I am not a Tom Brady fan….at all, and I have a soft spot in my heart for a conspiracy theory or two. With that being said the Patriots are known cheaters, they’ve been caught cheating twice and accused of cheating twice. All I am going to say is that it’s awful convenient for the quarterback that engineered one of the greatest comebacks in all of sports history to have a piece of his equipment missing after his heroics took place. I work in a food manufacturing plant and I am involved with training the employees that work around the food. A big part of what you have to do in an industry like this is be accountable for your tools, parts, and even your clothing. If we have a maintenance worker fixing a piece of equipment and he finishes the job to return to the shop only to find out his wrench is missing, the possibility that the wrench found it’s way into the food would be enough so that we might not be able to allow that product to leave our facility without guarantee that the wrench is not in the food. So, Brady not being able to account for his jersey leads me to believe there is a reason it can’t be found. Maybe, just maybe, said jersey was unlike every other player’s jersey. I don’t know how different it was, maybe there was a substance on his jersey that would help him escape the relentless pass rush the Falcons were bringing. Maybe there were communication capabilities built into said jersey. Sure, Brady himself was the person that pointed out that it was missing but this guy hasn’t ever hid how brazen he could be, we all remember the debacle around his cell phone being destroyed. One fan went to Instagram to claim he stole Brady’s jersey (pictured below) only to get debunked fairly quickly. The story has even seen the Texas Rangers (no, not the baseball team) stepping into the investigation, to hopefully find this elusive inanimate object.


Chances are that nothing nefarious happened on the Patriots part, actually that should probably read “Chances are something nefarious happened on the Patriots part”. They are cheaters and as my ex-girlfriend will always tell me, “once a cheater, always a cheater”.

Congratulations to the Pats though! What a legacy they’ve built up from nothing. Before Belichick, a 30 year time span, the Patriots won their division 4 times and the conference twice.  Now look at them, in Belichick’s time as coach, they have 14 division titles and 7 conference championships.Terry Bradshaw even said that they have the best coach of all time and best quarterback of all time! I mean, this kind of stuff happens all the time, right?!


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