Let’s Suffer Together

Hey fellow CATS fans!  I’m so excited to be a part of the UK Fans All Day family and cannot wait to get to know you guys.  First, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Rob, and my greatest passion, outside of my faith and family, is UK sports.  I was raised in Lexington, and now live in Atlanta, GA.  I’m a Kentucky Colonel, and I’ve been a UK fan since I can remember.  I have memories of running into players like Sam Bowie, Roger Harden, and Rex Chapman when I was younger and being star struck.  In fact, one of my most vivid memories is standing in the checkout line in front of Melvin Turpin at Gold Circle (now Target next to Fayette Mall) in 1984.  I was 11, and speechless.  I even remember what he was purchasing; a shower rod.  Those guys in the blue and white jerseys meant more to me than any pro player, and still do.

When people find out I’m a UK fan, they always assume it’s just basketball.  Then I show them the tattoo on my leg and explain that it goes much deeper than celebrating the success of a sports team.  It’s about family.  The picture above is from the Louisville game 2015 when we gave up a huge 1st half lead to Lamar Jackson (sorry to bring that up).  That’s some of my family.  We’re spread all over the Southeast now, but every other year we come together for Thanksgiving and it’s always the year UK is playing at Commonwealth.

I’ve witnessed some great games, and while those are amazing, nothing solidifies my commitment to UK sports like suffering the tough losses together with my family and fellow CATS fans.  So, lets suffer together.  We may disagree on why we lost, who we should recruit or start on a given day.  We may even get into a heated argument over some of this stuff, but the end what matters is we’re a family.  Go Big Blue!

‘Til the Battle is Won




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