Kentucky Basketball and the BBN

Kentucky lost to North Carolina tonight in the Elite Eight, in what should have been a Final Four/National Championship game. It was the definition of heartbreaking. I am not writing this to tell you what happened, because if you are reading this you more than likely already know what happened and would prefer not to be reminded of it. I am writing this simply as a Kentucky fan that feels the pain most of you (BBN) are feeling right now. Usually when the Cats lose, I am so depressed and just don’t really know what to do. But now that I am in the position to write about stuff like this, it’s different. Just like Matt Jones said on his post-game show, “We (the BBN) celebrate together and we are sad together.” He is right. Kentucky fans are the greatest fans, I do not care what anyone else attempts to say that opposes it. It just means more to us, the Big Blue Nation. The game today was essentially a home game, per multiple reports. What other fan base has that effect? If Kentucky would have won and proceeded to the Final Four, they would have had the majority of the fan base in Phoenix. It is crazy, we are crazy (just like Coach Cal says). Which brings me into the next topic I want to address, Coach Calipari. Ignore every single tweet/article/post that hates on John Calipari/Kentucky. Do not fall into that trap. They hate us cause they ain’t us. I know a lot of times that saying gets thrown around as a joke, but in this sense, it is true. Outsiders can hate and talk crap about Coach Cal until the cows come home, but it does not matter. Kentucky could not ask for a better Coach. And if you don’t agree with that statement, then you aren’t a true Cats fan and you don’t spend much time watching college basketball. Coach Cal gets it, he spoils us. Year in and year out we are the trending topic. Coach Cal has been to 2 Elite Eights, 4 Final Fours, and 2 National Championships (one win) in his 8 years at Kentucky. Look at those stats, that means UK is essentially in the Final Four every other year. Coach Cal’s success at Kentucky is remarkable. The media does not like him, solely upon the fact that he is conceited at times and he is an outkast compared to the other college basketball coaches (the way he acts, goes about himself, etc.) Not to mention he invented the “one and done” era of college basketball. But he is great, and he spoils us Kentucky fans. Every single year we expect to win it all, and almost every single year we are in the position to do so. That is why all of the ridiculous hot takes hating on Calipari isn’t worth our time. We, the BBN, are satisfied and will always be satisfied with Coach Cal leading our beloved basketball team. Since the John Calipari Era, not many teams are in the position we are in. Every single year we have a shot. Maybe Duke and UNC, but outside of that, I can’t think of any (don’t mention Kansas, they never fail to choke). My overall message is, don’t spend too much time dwelling on this loss, although it is a very, very tough loss. We know this, the one and done’s come and go, and every single year we are in the conversation. And that is how we like it. I couldn’t think of a better way to end this article other than this Calipari quote: “We are college basketball.” 


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