NBA Playoffs Start Saturday

nba playoffs

Unlike Colin Cowherd I use facts when talking about the start of the NBA Playoffs. The facts are that Kentucky has the 5th most players of any college in the playoffs. The list looks like this:

North Carolina – 9
Duke – 9
Texas – 8
UCLA – 8
Kentucky – 7

So, Mr. Cowherd you’re ignorance about Kentucky players shines bright and all of BBN sees it in all it’s glory!

Let’s move on and breakdown each Kentucky player’s team and chances on winning a ring.

James Young – Boston Celtics – Might be the highest probability of winning a ring even though he isn’t much of a contributor only averaging 2.3 points per game.

Rajon Rondo – Chicago Bulls – The four-time All-Star and former NBA Champion (2008) will have to battle through some great teams to be able to win his 2nd title during his career.

Patrick Patterson – Toronto Raptors – This will be the 4th straight year that he has made the playoffs and the run the Raptors had last year was deep and most in Toronto believe this year could be the same.

John Wall – Washington Wizards – Mr. one and done is also a 4 time All-Star and this will be the 3rd time his team has made it to the postseason. I don’t see Wall and the Wizards making a deep run this year but you never know!

Andrew Harrison – Memphis Grizzlies – This will be the first playoff experience for Andrew and he has really made the most of this season with the Grizz. He averaged 20.5 minutes this year and averaged 5.9 points per game. I doubt the Grizzlies make it past the Spurs in the first round.

Enes Kanter – OKC Thunder – This will be the 3rd time Enes gets to experience the playoffs. Once before with the Thunder and once when he played with the Jazz. Oklahoma City is a 6 seed this year but I want to selfishly see OKC/Golden State in the Conference Finals. So, if that match-up happens I’m going to be on the OKC side and rooting for Enes in the Finals!

Trey Lyles – Utah Jazz – This will be the first year for the smoothest shooter I’ve seen in a long time! I don’t see the Jazz having much of a run this year but congratulations to Trey and all the Cats that will be continuing their season.



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