Mychal Mulder makes a summer league team


Mychal Mulder makes an NBA summer league roster and I couldn’t be more proud. He had a short time here st Kentucky but there was definitely some unforgetable moments of his, especially this one:


I’m so glad that all of our guys have made summer league rosters and hope they all continue to thrive.


John Calipari shoots down even more rumors about him leaving for the NBA


2AM in Egypt and John Calipari can’t sleep for more NBA rumors.

Ian Begley of ESPN threw out a statement earlier this evening about John Calipari calling the Knicks for their open job. He then said however, that the Knicks didn’t want Cal though.

Everything about this seemed wrong, the timing, the fact they didn’t want Cal, the fact that he was in another country, all of it.

Being it was 2AM in Egypt, Cal couldn’t quickly knock of this rumor like all the others. BBN, well some of them began to freak out and think it was actually true because, why not? Losing someone (or in this case even the thought of losing someone) so important to us would sting. I just couldn’t by into this one being true though.

Cal has said multiple upon multiple times he would be at Kentucky for a long time, maybe even retire, or at least see his son through college here.

Fast forward until 5AM in Egypt and nearly midnight here and Cal shut it down. He took to twitter yet again:


Looks like Big Blue Nation doesn’t have anything to worry about, at least for awhile or a long time according to Cal.

He jokingly said he can’t he even escape the rumors, even in another country.

To add insult to everyone else, he even said one of his famous quotes- “I like my team” and his USA team too

John Calipari reportedly called the Knicks about open presidency


John Calipari reportedly called the Knicks about the head presidency job.

Ian Begley of ESPN reported this tonight:

Kentucky head coach John Calipari reached out to Knicks through intermediaries to express interest in the Knicks presidency, per ESPN league sources. The Knicks do not have interest in Calipari at the moment, per league sources. Presumably, Calipari would want to coach as well if he took over as president. The Knicks parted ways with president Phil Jackson earlier this week. Current GM Steve Mills is handling the club’s day-to-day operations and is expected to lead them through free agency.

Presumably, Calipari would want to coach as well if he took over as president,” Begley writes.

Begley also reports that the Knicks don’t the have interest in Calipari at this time.

It’d be crazy to think John Calipari would leave Kentucky in the middle of the summer with one of his best recruiting classes looming for next season.

Granted I do think that day will come, where he will leave Kentucky in some way shape or form. I don’t think that year is this year though.

Cal is also out of the country right now coaching Team USA U-19.

Marcedus Leech draws Kentucky interest; Will visit this weekend


6-6 170 pound small forward from Missouri, Marcedus Leech is in the Class of 2019 and still a junior in high school but receiving some Kentucky interest. He is ranked at 40th in his class by ESPN, 21st by 247sports.

He will be in Lexington for an unofficial visit on July 2 according to D1vision.

He has offers from Kansas, Miami, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Washington, New Mexico State and Missouri State according to ESPN. Although he has not received an offer from Kentucky yet, he seems optimistic:

“I haven’t been offered by Kentucky but they’ve shown a lot of interest and hopefully I’ll get that offer,” said Leech. “That’s been my dream since I was a kid. If I get that offer, they’ll be on the top of my list.”

In his interview  with D1Vision, he said he loved pretty much everything about Kentucky and Kentucky seems like his ideal school if they offer:

I like everything,” said Leech on Kentucky. “I like how they play, how they get up and down. I like Coach Calipari. He does a lot with his guys and I’m looking forward to my visit there.”

He continued by saying that he was looking for a school high in academics as well as basketball, in which Kentucky sure seems to be.

Sounds like the perfect fit for Kentucky right?

He also has some pretty sweet dunking skills to:

Mo Bamba’s brother was probably just looking for attention



An unreliable Facebook video surfaced last night involving Mohamed Bamba and his brother Ibrahim Johnson with him speaking of the benefits he has received.

However, to no one’s surprise, Johnson has a lengthy past of his own that makes him a little untrustworthy or at least not credible.

An official statement listed below came from the University of Texas this morning about Bamba’s situation.

“The NCAA has not informed us of any pending issues or eligibility concerns at this time regarding Mo. If there are further questions, we certainly will cooperate with the NCAA to the fullest.”

With Greer Love his mentor/family friend, he has been around since he was at a very young age and buying gifts for him would not seem as unusual. Which tells me that he didn’t just come around to be involved in his recruitment and give him gifts. So make of that, what you will.

I’m sure with the past his brother had that he was just trying to pull some extra attention to himself because he was left out.

I’m almost sure nothing will come of this

If true, Calipari really does know best. Mo Bamba situation



Kentucky fans and some media members left surprised when Mo Bamba chose Texas over Kentucky, Duke and Michigan. A 5 star recruit and the #2 overall player in his class.

Bamba’s older brother, Ibrahim Johnson, supposedly made a video of details between him and a “mentor” named Greer Love. Johnson claims that Love supplied Bamba with gifts including a TV, $200 a week, vacations to Orlando and others. He claimed he had done all of these things to be able to be in his life when he turns pro.

Johnson also says that Bamba “will not play college basketball this year” and that he has already reported him to the NCAA and will speak to them. It also seemed as if he was feeling left out and this Love guy had taken his brothers bond from him.

In a comment on the video he said Texas was uninvolved. This however, will not affect the repercussions to Bamba if true. Unless the school played him, they would be fine.

There is some pretty harsh language in the video. Please click at your own risk.

He says the NCAA actually contacted his brother and that Bamba told them Love even does the same for other players, basically admitting that he had done exactly what was stated–taken “gifts.”

Of course, at this point all we have is a video to go by and all of this could very well be fake. Greer Love is the Vice President of Huron Capital which is based in Michigan. He’s a real person. Bamba had Michigan on his final list also. Weird?

I’m sure, IF true, the NCAA will make this known in a few weeks. If not then it’s still a pretty touchy subject with a very weird vibe or maybe nothing at all.

Granted, he seemed like a thoughtful and wholesome kid and was portrayed that way through the recruitment. (And may still very well be, if all of this is not true)

His brother also seems to have been in some trouble himself.

Mavs trade DeAndre Liggins to Houston for cash, then traded again


DeAndre Liggins left the Wildcats after his Junior year and has since had many times in the D-league and on many rosters, today his home changes again.

First today Liggins was sent to the Houston Rockets from the Mavs for cash considerations.

He had spent basically one game last season with the Mavs and it was one of the better ones of late.

Not long after being traded this morning to the Rockets though, they traded him again to the Clippers in the big Chris Paul switch up. Former Cat, Kyle Wiltjer also traded to the Clippers.

I hope if the Clippers decide to sign Liggins he shows them exactly what every other team in the league he has been on has been missing.