Kentucky: De’Aaron Fox turning heads?


Days ago we saw news surface of De’Aaron Fox being talked about by many teams as being the best PG in the draft. Of course the Big Blue Nation already knew that, but to hear others finally realize it made it that much sweeter.

Today news surfaced yet again about the Lakers not being such a “lock” on Lonzo Ball. Many seemed to think it is a no brainer– Markelle Fultz atop the draft board and the Lakers take the home state kid, Lonzo Ball. Well, not so fast.

The Lakers franchise might just be rethinking their decision unless..

De’Aaron Fox is also said to have a work out for Lakers and 76ers in the near future.

Magic Johnson basically said LaVar’s incidents would have no impact on if he were to draft his son, Lonzo or not. But I agree with Jordan Schultz, if we really intently think about all of it, we’d be crazy to think it wouldn’t have at least some impact. Think about the things he’s actually done and said, I’m not sure if I owned a team I would want to deal with all that extra negative attention.

I agree, Lonzo Ball probably is a great all around kid who just wants to play ball. It’s just hard to overlook what his father has said though. Not only that, but Fox is just the better all around player and comes with less baggage.

After all, Magic Johnson and many NBA guys were there to see some great things from De’Aaron Fox at Pro day today. Maybe, just maybe the Lakers will jump ship on the Lonzo Ball train at the right time.

Watch some highlights of Fox’s workout below.




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