Lakers still not sold on Ball; Fox still set to work out



It had been what looked like a no brainer for the Lakers to draft Lonzo Ball since they found out they had the second pick, but now not so much.

Lakers seem very interested in Markelle Fultz rather than Ball but there’s no way they get him from the Celtics. They also are intrigued with Josh Jackson. Seemingly they have De’Aaron Fox last on their list, which is a total mistake. However Fox does have a work out with the Lakers on Tuesday in which I expect him to impress.

I think which ever team(s) passes on De’Aaron Fox will regret it.

LOS ANGELES — Lonzo Ball was fine.

He was humble and respectful in conversation over meals.

He shot the ball well on the court.

He very well might be the Los Angeles Lakers’ draft pick in two weeks’ time.

Yet Ball also didn’t blow the Lakers away or seal any deal in the time he spent with their officials Tuesday and Wednesday, according to sources.

Ball didn’t separate himself clearly from the pack. The thing is, he never was going to do that in a one-on-none workout format that gave him no one to find with a dynamic hit-ahead pass in transition or a perfectly timed bounce pass for a basket cutter.

Ball met with reporters after his Wednesday workout at the Lakers facility and cited all the shooting he did, and that was because there wasn’t much else for him to do in that format. Further evaluation of his pick-and-roll game or defensive capability wasn’t possible—same as it wasn’t possible to become even more smitten with his passing skills.

-Bleacher Report


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