Calipari has high hopes for Bam Adebayo


Of course Calipari always had great things to say about Bam Adebayo and today is no different.

On Calipari’s teleconference today he spoke very highly of Bam Adebayo and gave a little insight on where he thought he’d go in the draft.

Calipari believes Adebayo will get picked up as high as ninth overall.

“I would say Bam is anywhere from 9, 10 to 14, 15, in that range,” Cal said on his teleconference.

It’s great too see Bam shocking so many teams out there.

“Right now everybody is stunned at how Bam shoots the ball,” he said. “I must have had 10 calls. Like, ‘I didn’t realize he shot the ball this way.’ But they also didn’t realize Karl shot the ball that way and you also didn’t realize that Anthony shot the ball the way he does. And so you would think following this thing how we do it, they all have to share, they all have to give up something to each other to be able to do what they’re doing here.”

Adebayo has worked out for several NBA teams recently including the Heat, Pacers, Pistons and Blazers.

Draftexpress has him at No.24 overall to the Jazz in the newest mock draft.

Chad Ford ranks him No. 23 on his board.

Check out his prospect video below:


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