What did De’Aaron Fox have to say during his workout for the Lakers?


IMG_6663Fox seems to have shined today in his workout for the Lakers.

Interviews of what he had to say are below:

Also, if we the Big Blue Nation know anything, it’s that he killed this interview with media surrounding him.

He definitely gave Magic Johnson something else to think about, I’m sure of it.

Chris Geeter McGee an anchor for SpectrumSN at the Lakers had a few tidbits from Fox’s day with the media:

Fox wanted to show he could shoot the ball well… wanted to show he’s a fighter

Fox says he knows the history of the Lakers, his brother was a Lakers fan and he grew up watching Kobe

Talk of Fultz and Ball is a source of motivation but he has to worry about himself and get better

The jump to the NBA is a big difference especially with the pick and roll according to Fox …nothing he can’t handle he said

Fox will have lunch today with the Lakers brass 

Fox says the game vs Ball in sweet 16 shouldn’t matter anymore…”that was college”

One thing he has in common with Magic is they smile… but once game starts you get down to business


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