Where will your Kentucky Wildcats end up? New Mock Draft!

With the draft only a little over 3 days away, Chad Ford has a new mock draft out and I’m a little surprised.

I think the Fox projection is pretty spot on at this point, especially since the big Boston- 76ers trade. However, I do feel like he’s better than #5 but I may be biased.

5. De’Aaron Fox – Sacramento Kings

“The Kings have also explored moving up to No. 2 or No. 3 in the draft,” Ford writes. “Their target has been Fox. Not only is Fox the fastest player in the draft and a major fit at point guard, but he has shown genuine interest in playing for and leading the Kings. If Fox is gone, Tatum seems like the next most likely pick for the Kings.”

The most shocking of the two though, is where Malik Monk has slid to according to Ford:

11. Malik Monk- Charlotte Hornets

Whom ever passes on Malik Monk will be very regretful. His case is the same as Devin Booker’s a couple of years ago. He will make every team pay that passes him up. He’s gonna be lethal and very dangerous in the NBA. He loves the big stage. He loves the spotlight. There’s no stage bigger than the NBA for Malik.

20. Bam Adebayo- Portland Trail Blazers

I think Bam’s landing spot is the least predictable of the three though, he could go anywhere from 9-29. I don’t think he should fall that far or be in the second round simply because he’s better than that.

De’Aaron Fox Malik Monk Bam Adebayo

Draft Express:           5th                             8th                                              18th

NBADraft.net:            4th                            8th                                              17th

Chad Ford:                 5th                             11th                                            20th

CBS:                             5th                             6th                                              25th

NBCsports:                 5th                             8th                                              24th

SportsIllustrated:     4th                             8th                                               —

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