2 Years later and Rick Pitino is still full of himself and trying to cover his tracks


Rick Pitino does it again. Today a letter written by Rick himself was sent to Kentucky Sports Radio by an anonymous party.

It is addressed to “Friends of the Ville” or close supporters which probably include donors with money that he wants to apologize to.

He goes on to talk about “the truth” and “the truth will prevail” yet again in this letter. It seems like every time he opens his mouth though, nothing but lies come out.

He then begins to say they “gave up so much” with the post-season ban they put on themselves:

We probably could’ve went to the Final Four…win a National Championship… We were ranked 11th at the time with an experienced team.

He then finishes, that he doesn’t care what the outside world thinks and the appeal will show the “real truth” when it comes out.

Take a read of the full letter below: