If true, Calipari really does know best. Mo Bamba situation


Kentucky fans and some media members left surprised when Mo Bamba chose Texas over Kentucky, Duke and Michigan. A 5 star recruit and the #2 overall player in his class.

Bamba’s older brother, Ibrahim Johnson, supposedly made a video of details between him and a “mentor” named Greer Love. Johnson claims that Love supplied Bamba with gifts including a TV, $200 a week, vacations to Orlando and others. He claimed he had done all of these things to be able to be in his life when he turns pro.

Johnson also says that Bamba “will not play college basketball this year” and that he has already reported him to the NCAA and will speak to them. It also seemed as if he was feeling left out and this Love guy had taken his brothers bond from him.

In a comment on the video he said Texas was uninvolved. This however, will not affect the repercussions to Bamba if true. Unless the school played him, they would be fine.

There is some pretty harsh language in the video. Please click at your own risk.

He says the NCAA actually contacted his brother and that Bamba told them Love even does the same for other players, basically admitting that he had done exactly what was stated–taken “gifts.”

Of course, at this point all we have is a video to go by and all of this could very well be fake. Greer Love is the Vice President of Huron Capital which is based in Michigan. He’s a real person. Bamba had Michigan on his final list also. Weird?

I’m sure, IF true, the NCAA will make this known in a few weeks. If not then it’s still a pretty touchy subject with a very weird vibe or maybe nothing at all.

Granted, he seemed like a thoughtful and wholesome kid and was portrayed that way through the recruitment. (And may still very well be, if all of this is not true)

His brother also seems to have been in some trouble himself.

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