Mo Bamba’s brother was probably just looking for attention



An unreliable Facebook video surfaced last night involving Mohamed Bamba and his brother Ibrahim Johnson with him speaking of the benefits he has received.

However, to no one’s surprise, Johnson has a lengthy past of his own that makes him a little untrustworthy or at least not credible.

An official statement listed below came from the University of Texas this morning about Bamba’s situation.

“The NCAA has not informed us of any pending issues or eligibility concerns at this time regarding Mo. If there are further questions, we certainly will cooperate with the NCAA to the fullest.”

With Greer Love his mentor/family friend, he has been around since he was at a very young age and buying gifts for him would not seem as unusual. Which tells me that he didn’t just come around to be involved in his recruitment and give him gifts. So make of that, what you will.

I’m sure with the past his brother had that he was just trying to pull some extra attention to himself because he was left out.

I’m almost sure nothing will come of this

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