John Calipari shoots down even more rumors about him leaving for the NBA


2AM in Egypt and John Calipari can’t sleep for more NBA rumors.

Ian Begley of ESPN threw out a statement earlier this evening about John Calipari calling the Knicks for their open job. He then said however, that the Knicks didn’t want Cal though.

Everything about this seemed wrong, the timing, the fact they didn’t want Cal, the fact that he was in another country, all of it.

Being it was 2AM in Egypt, Cal couldn’t quickly knock of this rumor like all the others. BBN, well some of them began to freak out and think it was actually true because, why not? Losing someone (or in this case even the thought of losing someone) so important to us would sting. I just couldn’t by into this one being true though.

Cal has said multiple upon multiple times he would be at Kentucky for a long time, maybe even retire, or at least see his son through college here.

Fast forward until 5AM in Egypt and nearly midnight here and Cal shut it down. He took to twitter yet again:

Looks like Big Blue Nation doesn’t have anything to worry about, at least for awhile or a long time according to Cal.

He jokingly said he can’t he even escape the rumors, even in another country.

To add insult to everyone else, he even said one of his famous quotes- “I like my team” and his USA team too

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