Alex Poythress fighting for 76ers roster spot, almost literally tonight as he takes an elbow


Alex Poythress left Kentucky after graduating and had taken a different path than most recruits do. Injuries kept him sidelined and off the court, leaving his game to be questioned for NBA personnel. He was called up by the 76ers during last season and played roughly 6 games before their season ended. He is now back with 76ers summer league playing for a spot on the final roster. He has had double digit scoring in all three games.

He finished with 10 pts (4-9 FG) 6 rebs 1 ast in 20 minutes of play and a stellar looking 3 point shot.

He started the game for the 76ers again tonight and made their first basket…


One of my favorite all time shots I love to see fall for POY is the 3 and you bet I was cheering him on..

No one appreciates an elbow to the nose, should have been more than a technical but AP showed him not to mess with him.

Fight hard AP, make that roster spot, you’ve earned it.

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