Alex Poythress deserves a roster spot; Clippers may give him a chance



Alex Poythress deserves a roster spot, whether that be with the Sixers or another NBA team, it is deserved. He has shined all throughout Summer League action. He has played like a man amoungest boys. He dunked everything. He blocked shots while destroying a computer. He has earned it.

According to LA Times Clippers Beat reporter Brad Turner, the Clippers are considering signing AP to a two way contract.

A two way contract would mean that he would act as a 16th or 17th man on the bench. He would be able to spend up to 45 days with that team, then the rest would be spent in the NBA G-League.

He had a breakout offseason in the Summer League for the Sixers whom he joined at the end of their season last year. He averaged 12.3 points and 5.7 rebounds in just three Summer League games.

“I’m just trying to bring energy, play with confidence out there and compete,” the 76ers power forward said.

“They said, ‘We will see after summer league,’” said Poythress, 23. “All that stuff, my agent will talk with them. So I’m just controlling what I can control. Just going out there, giving my all while I’m out there.”

If you all know me, you know how big of an Alex Poythress fan I am. You know how many times I tweet about him when he’s playing. Each time he scores “ALEXXX” or “AP” is my go to tweet, so many times that I get the “Whoops, you’ve already said that” box over and over. So, to see him succeed at the highest level, on the biggest stage is the only thing I can ask.

Sign him up, someone. Please. #BBN

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Check out some great highlights from Summer League:

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