Marvin Bagley III to reclassify?


According to multiple sources including Jerry Meyer and Gary Parish, MB3 is strongly weighing his options on reclassifying to the 2017 class. This is particularly bad news for Kentucky in my opinion. Kentucky’s roster is pretty full in the frontcourt and he seems to realize that. According to Meyer, it’s a two horse race between Duke and USC with Arizona in the mix.

It doesn’t help that he has family that lives in Durham. The last place we want Marvin to end up is Duke. He would catapult them into elite territory with what they already have coming in. That recruiting class would be so talented it would make Cal’s head spin.

I’m under the belief that if Marvin goes to a blue blood school, the title will follow. The man is a once in a generation talent. So let’s send up some prayers to the man up stairs. Of course I don’t expect UK to go down without a fight, regardless of roster space.

Meanwhile, Cal is in attendance for Bagley’s game at Peach Jam tonight. If there is anything I’ve learned over the last 8 years, it’s #InCalWeTrust. Work your magic big fella.

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