Zion Williamson really likes Immanuel Quickley; Day 2 of the talk about them playing together brought major news


Yesterday’s news hit all over the cricut of Zion Williamson and Immanuel Quickley playing college ball together. Many interviews stated this. Not only that but it was coming straight from the two boys themselves.

Quickley took to social media to break the twitter world with one tweet…

Then following that Zion decided to take to snapchat to tease fans even more..


During multiple interviews both guys seemed to have the other in mind. Zion says Quickley is his favorite point guard. It is also no secret and no joke that they do really want to play together in college.

The craziness continues today as Zion was interviewed by Kyle Tucker of SECcountry.

Check out the full story below, you won’t wanna miss this.

This has to be a good sign for Kentucky since they are the favorite to land Quickely and he is planning to decide fairly soon. Quickley has also said that he does not have a 2-3-4 school on his list.

Not only that, but Zion’s momma approves of Kentucky and is friends with Immanuel’s parents. If we know anything, parents often win it seems.

What would a dynamic duo like this starting for Kentucky next season mean? Take a look, but imagine this on the same team.

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