Rupp Arena changes are coming again


Rupp Arena changed for the better during last season with the new additions on the inside, now the outside is getting an upgrade. No more metal siding, a clear glass will replace it.

The 2014 designs included expanding the second tier of Rupp Arena and installing a new glass outer wall. Under the plans unveiled Thursday, the top of Rupp Arena would still be visible. The current metal siding would be removed and it would get a new exterior covering. The glass or transparent covering would only go up a little more than half way. The plan would still “free Rupp Arena” so people can see it from Main Street. Currently, Rupp is only visible from High Street.

More good news, it will be done in the next 3 years.

The plans call for construction to begin in January with the entire project to be completed in December 2020.

But a little bit of bad news mixed with good– Rupp arena also plans to install new chair back seats in the upper level portion but would cause less seating. If you’ve tried to get into games, you know it’s hard enough with the available seating now. Less seating wouldn’t be a good thing but chair backs and more room would overtake that downfall.

The addition of the chair-backed seats would result in fewer seats in the very top portion of the arena, Lexington Center officials said. The exact number has not yet been determined.

Read all about the changes here.

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