Karl Anthony Towns is back for a Camp; Talks about all Kentucky team, 38-1 season, current team, Cal and more


Karl Towns was back in town today for camp. He had a bunch of great things to say about Kentucky per usual.

You’re always welcome here Karl! Come back anytime.

He followed up on what Julius Randle stated yesterday, that an all-Kentucky team would “beat anyone.”


He talked about family..

He talked about our future guys and gave his thoughts on them..

He tells us why Cal always gets the best from his players and about his crazy NBA schedule..

He joked about who he was looking forward to see play most this coming season..


He was asked about the run his team made in 2015. The run ended with a (still) devastating loss to Wisconsin in the Final Four, just short of perfection leaving them 38-1.

We completely agree Karl. The ranking and stats may one day be achieved by someone (far fetched, I know) but how you all got there is the real story. The way you all formed a brotherhood, laughed, bonded together and completely ran over almost everyone can never be changed.

Check out a full article below with video:

Welcome back Karl Towns, we’ve missed your kind spirit and great words.

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