Darius Miller has chose to wear a new number for New Orleans


Darius wore #21 most of his high school career and some in Germany so it isn’t really that new to him.

However, he has always been known for wearing the lucky #1 in his four years at Kentucky. While in NOLA the first time he had to wear the #2 because #1 was already taken. Now he must move on to another number. He will be wearing #21 again this season. But I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to see him as anything but #1. Number 1 on the floor and number 1 in our hearts for four years.

Miller finished his college years having played more games for Kentucky than any other player. He was and is the ultimate example of a homegrown hero. He has won at every stage possible. He won a state championship in 2008. After his senior season in high school, Miller was named “Kentucky Mr. Basketball.” He won SEC championships. He also won the ultimate NCCA Championship his last season at Kentucky. He has won three consecutive German championships. The only thing missing from his resume of wins, an NBA ring. That dream mat not be as far fetched this season though.

No matter what number he continues to wear, he’ll always hold a special place in the hearts of the Big Blue Nation.

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