Football: Who Needs to Step up after Dorian Baker Injury?

(picture courtesy of UK Athletics)

If you haven’t heard already, Dorian Baker came down with a servere injury and it doesn’t look good. It seems as if it’s going to be an injury that will take the senior out for the year. Baker has always had potential and people thought this would be the year he could finally break out. With this injury, Stoops said he now expects to play four freshman wide receivers this season. Now it’s time to raise the question, who’s going to step up?

Kayuane Ross

After an impressive first half in the Southern Miss game last season, Ross fell off tremendously and rarely saw the field after that game. Hopes are back up for Ross after an impressive spring game and he’s had a great fall camp. I put Ross first on the list mainly because he has the same play style as Dorian. With a staggering height of 6’6, Ross should be a red zone threat and he’ll be able to go up and make a spectacular catch like Dorian Baker. It’ll be interesting to watch how much he improves and if he can step up in Dorian’s place.

Tavin Richardson

Tavin’s story is almost exact to Kayuane Ross’. After an impressive game from him in the Southern Miss game, he also fell off and never really got back to how he played in that game. Richardson may have the best hands on the team as he showcased multiple times last year he can go up and make an impossible grab. When he gets on the field this season, it’ll be up to him to show everyone how great he can truly be. I was already expecting a big year for Tavin and this makes me believe that even more now.

Garrett “Juice” Johnson

This one may seem like a stretch but with Dorian out, Juice becomes the sole number one wide receiver and the larder of this group. Johnson has always been a top guy but he’s always had someone to help him lead out there with him. Guys like Javess Blue, Dorian Baker, Jeff Badet, etc. have always been able to help out Juice with the responsibility with leading the wide reciever corps and now it’s all on him to lead. Blake Bone should help out a little bit but Bone hasn’t played in game changing plays like Juice has. It shouldn’t be an issue for Juice to step up in being the number one reciever but it’s time to find out he’ll take the role of being the leader.

Blake Bone

This is it for Blake Bone. If he doesn’t succeed this season then his dreams of playing in the NFL will most likely be up. I really want him to succeed and he now has a great chance to do so. Bone has a lot of potential and now it’s time for him to go to the next level. I really hope he does well this season!

Kentucky has a lot of guys who can step up but I believe these guys need to step up the most for our reciever group to succeed. Guys like Lynn Bowden, CJ Conrad, Josh Ali, and Isaiah Epps should take the load off for these guys which should result in a successful season for the wide reciever group. Stephen Johnson or whoever ends up playing impact in how they succeed of course. I hope for full and speedy recovery for Dorian! Get well soon! 


Add another Cat to the list: Boogie will be back for the Alumni game


Rocky Widner/NBA


As each day passes fans get more and more excited for yet another Alumni game to be held in Rupp Arena. It’ll be a place where you can see so many former favorite Cats all in one spot. Of course Kentucky can’t release the names of the players involved but they can surely take to twitter to inform us. The list is now up to four: Eric Bledsoe, Trey Lyles, Darius Miller and now Demarcus Cousins have all pledged for the fans to get their tickets!


Go here: Time is running out. Don’t miss out on the fun.

Get to know Kentucky commit Chance Poore! 

Chance Poore, Anderson,SC (Westside HS) 

HT– 6’3 WT– 200 40-4.87 Year– Class of 2018.   Postion-Kicker

I had the opportunity to to talk to Chance and here’s what he had to say! 

What made you choose Kentucky?

“I always wanted to play big time college football and this was the SEC also, I have a great chance of starting my first year and the community felt like family. No matter where i went there was nothing negative in Lexington at all.”

What do you hope to accomplish at UK?

“Goal is to use this scholarship to get a college education and start a normal life. I want to contribute to the team as much as possible wether i’m kicking game winners or just making extra points. I want the University to have one of the best, hard working, humbled kicker they ever had. Mostly make an impact and help this program.”

How do you feel about the football program at Kentucky as a whole? 

“It’s growing. I’ve seen past games and huge upsets Kentucky has pulled off and I know that we can compete in the SEC and even big power house teams.”

Are there any currently committed players that you are excited to play with?

“As a kicker I won’t be working with any of the commits as much. I’m excited to meet the guys get to know them more and get to work with the specialist already on the team and helping each other get better. All in all I really can’t wait to watch what our players and commits have to show for Kentucky.”

Is there a sense of brother brotherhood with the 2018 class?

“Yes. Haven’t even met the guys and I already feel like we’re family. Can’t wait to meet and get to know these guys and help each other get better.”

If you were able to do anything other than play football, what would it be and why?

“Probably be a normal student. Student Sections and help out with my high school because I always want to contribute in anyway possible.”

What do you like doing when you’re not playing football?

“Relaxing and recovering from football. Other things would probably be like spring sports like soccer and any events like student section things anything with highschool.” 

What’s your favorite place to eat at and what do you order?

“probably chipotle with a chicken quesadilla.” 

Favorite emoji?

“gotta be 🤷🏻‍♂️”

Anything you want BBN to know? 

“special teams will be a factor for opponents to look out for. I will make sure I give my all every year, game, and kick.”

Three former Cats confirmed for Kentucky Basketball Alumni Charity game Friday night



Nothing official has been released about the Kentucky Basketball Charity game taking place after the Legends due to NBA rules. But today three former Cats gave us a little hint that they’ll be back in Rupp very soon.

Trey Lyles, Eric Bledsoe and hometown hero Darius Miller will all be back in action on Rupp’s court this coming weekend, August 25th.


Listen to the boys and get your tickets, it should be a fun one. Follow this link to get them while you still can.


UK Women’s soccer suffers 1-0 loss in Wisconsin

  • IMG_0219The 2017-2018 NCAA athletic season officially started today, and a forming rivalry continued today in Madison, Wisconsin. The Kentucky women’s soccer team debuted the new blue checkered uniforms tonight at Wisconsin, and showed immediate improvement since last years 5-9-4 team. The starting XI tonight were Eva Mitchell, Miranda Jimenez, Holic Olding, Evangeline Soucie, Peyton Atkins, Tanya Samazrich, Yuuka Kurosaki, Gina Crosetti, Foster Ignoffo, Kelly Novak, and Sophie Stewart-Hobbs. The keeper, Soucie, was spectacular tonight. The true sophomore from New Jersey recorded 8 saves tonight, her second highest save amount in her tenure at UK. The first 45 minutes were intense and very equal, besides Wisconsin having more shots. Kentucky has about 24 players, 10 less than UW- this allows more fresh players and new looks on offense for Wisconsin. After halftime, Wisconsin pressured the ball constantly until the Kentucky offense was exhausted. Thus, providing an opportunity in the 77th minute. The 10th shot by Wisconsin snuck past Soucie’s head in the top left corner. Overall, I think that this team has improved and will consistently get better as the season continues. With three national team members, the skill and leadership aspects are building and becoming stronger. Although the Cats came short today, look for a solid improvement from last year’s team. The final game in the Badger state takes place this Sunday in Milwaukee against Marquette at 4:00 EST. The first home game at the Bell will be on August 27th vs. EKU. Come out and support your Cats!


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Football: Ukfansallday’s Exclusive interview with WR commit, Marvin Alexander Jr.

(image courtesy of 247 Sports)

Q: When did you start playing football and when did you realize football was something you wanted to commit to?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I started when I was five years old. I realized that it was something I wanted to commit to when I missed it so much during the off-seasons when I was younger.”

Q: Who in the NFL would you compare yourself to?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I’m not sure but who I try to model my game after is AJ Green (of the Cincinnati Bengals).”

Q: Next up I got a fan question from Ty Buck, what made you want to come to Kentucky?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “The coaching staff, the players and I like the message that they’re giving out to us recruits.”

Q: Another fan question from Ty Buck, what is your favorite pregame pump up song or songs?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “Before every game I listen to “Go Crazy” by Young Jeezy.”

Q: Kentucky has recently had great success with getting guys out of Chaminade-Madonna, getting guys like Akeem Hayes, Davonan Hawkins, Keontra Smith (2019 class), and yourself. Why do you think Kentucky has been able to get so many guys out of there?

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I think because we all come from the same program so our mindset is all the same and since visiting UK, we’ve all fell in love and decided that’s where we want to spend our next 3-4 years. Trust me , if we had other players with Kentucky offers we would have many more commits.”

Q: The final question I got for you is what is your message to the BBN and tell us what we can expect from you in the next 3-4 years.

Marvin Alexander Jr: “I can’t wait to be apart of the family! What you can expect for the next 3-4 years is touchdowns on Saturdays.”

I really enjoyed doing this article and getting to speak with Marvin! Please follow our site on twitter which is @ukfansallday  If you want to follow me on twitter, please do at @BradenNeviusBBN Once again I want to thank Marvin for taking the time to do this interview for us! Go Cats!

UK Hockey about to get back on the ice

The 2017-2018 Kentucky Wildcats Ice Hockey team is gearing up to hit the ice for this upcoming season, looking to improve on last year’s rough 3-20 campaign (1-9 at home, 2-11 on the road).  This year’s roster will be announced within the next couple of weeks, and they will look to up the offensive production and cut down on the number of shots the goalies faced last year. 

Last year’s team averaged 3.13 goals per game and 3.26 assists per game. The team gave up 8.20 goals per game with the goalies posting a .851 save percentage. To improve on last year’s overall record they need to be closer to the 4 to 4.5 goals a game, and 5 to 5.5 assists a game. Better passing will lead to higher scoring chances. 

The goalies will look to get between a .900 to .910 save percentage. If that is hit, then the number of goals against will come down considerably.

The Cats will hit the ice on Friday Sept 15th and welcome Middle Tennessee State to the Lexington Ice Center. Other key home games this season will be Sept 22nd against Louisville, Oct 6th against Mississippi State, and Feb 2nd when Tennessee comes to town. 

All home games are at the Lexington Ice Center with a $7 entry fee. The puck will drop at midnight for each home game. 

The UK Hockey team is currently looking for sponsors and donations for the 2017-2018 season. If you or someone you know, would like to sponsor or donate, please visit or email for more information.