Football Recruiting: Who should we be confident in?


Kentucky currently has 16 football commits for the class of 2018 but football recruiting can be a roller coaster ride. We’re still a long way away from the early signing period and national signing day so it’s time we take a look at how confident we should be in each commits’ allegiance to the cats. To do this, I’m going to put players into three categories, most confident, confident, and least confident.

1. Alex Regielsberger, DE: Alex has already become a fan favorite interacting with fans on Twitter as well as opening up his DM’s to interact with fans one on one.

2. Akeem Hayes, WR: Flipping from Louisville to Kentucky was a very bold move and he recently stated on Twitter that he has shut down his recruitment. No indication points towards him leaving the cats.

3. Tyler Bentley, DT: Like Alex, he is very interactive with the fans on Twitter and has built a good bond with all of BBN.

4. DeAndre Square, LB: He can play multiple positions on defense like safety or he could be an edge rusher type player.

5. Jarren Williams, QB: Considered one of the more highly touted commits the UK, he has shut down his recruitment and is 100% committed to the cats.

6. Marquan McCall, OG: He picked us over Michigan, end of story.

7. Brendan Bates, TE: Nothing has come out about him that leads me to believe he’s leaving. As of now I see him as a cat but anything could change.

8. Christopher Rodriguez, RB: Kentucky’s most recent commit and the only RB in the class, no reason he would want to leave.

9. Marvin Alexander, WR: Being teammates with two other UK commits (Akeem Hayes and Davoan Hawkins) should help keep all three in Lexington.

10. Darian Kinnard, OT: I honestly feel very confident about all the O line commits ending up in UK blue but until we get a full recruitment shutdown, yet I’m not ready to put Darian in the most confident area.

11. Quinton Wilson, C: Read above. Same explanation here.

12. Keaton Upshaw, TE: Kentucky has had some luck with good tight ends and Keaton has the potential to be another.

13. Dom Williams, CB: Getting a JUCO player never hurts, just look how Stephen Johnson turned out. No reason to believe a change of commitment is coming from him.

14. Chance Poore, K: Chance has recently been rising as a recruit as he has shown off his big leg. College football powerhouses may soon take a look at him. It will be interesting to find out if they can pry him away from the cats.

15. Davoan Hawkins, DE: Davoan recently impressed at a Miami (FL) camp and it now seems the Hurricanes will end up getting the services of Davoan.

16. Xavier Peters, OLB: In one of the weirdest commitments I’ve seen, Xavier committed on July 4th and then the next day he had taken down all his posts on Twitter regarding to him committing to Kentucky. I really don’t know what’s going to happen with him but I can’t wait to find out!

I definitely believe this class stays intact for the most part. There are also some commitments coming up soon that turn out to be great news for all of BBN. Overall, this class will be in the top 20 and continue to build towards special things for the UK football program.

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