Bagley to Duke

Well, we all knew that it could happen but I believe that most cats fans who were following the story were in denial along with myself. Bagley’s impact now that he has reclassified to the 2017 class and will enroll immediately will be felt heavily in the upcoming college basketball season. After this very late get for coach K this shoots them up to the preseason number 1 almost without question and has them as the on paper favorite without a doubt. But, the one thing that cats fans can hold onto is that they consistently underperform. Early exits have become something of an art for coach K while trying to emulate the system that coach Cal has trademarked since his debut at Kentucky. So, where does this leave the upcoming Kentucky basketball team? Right where we were. We have a team that can run with this Duke basketball team very well and has the same amount of firepower. The only difference is that Duke has some experience where we do not and I’m not going to lie and say that if there was ever an eventual matchup in the tournament it could and more than likely would hurt us at certain moments in the game. That is where we can hope that coach Cal does what he usually does and manages to force 18 year old freshman to mature on their road to the NBA and allow us to have a shot at a title at the end of the year. If we were to matchup against Duke in the tournament I would imagine it to be a very close and a very fast paced game. I can already see the March Madness selection committee smiling as they imagine the possible matchup which I am sure they will orchestrate to happen provided both teams take care of business. All things aside this is a great player and a great pick up for Duke as much as it pains for me to say, Bagley is an all around player, he can simply do it all. But, as I have said, as far as Kentucky basketball is concerned? No fan should be. This just adds another challenge that we should be used to by now. Going to be a very exciting season, this is just one more reason why. Go Cats!

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