Football: What does the Cole Mosier injury mean going forward?

The simple answer, nothing. What I mean by this is although Cole is a great player and I wish him a speedy recovery, the offensive line will still be a top 5 SEC line when it’s all set and done. John Schlarman and co. have done a great job of taking guys out of their comfort zones and making them rotate to different positions on the line. I believe this is crucial because Landon Young (who I presume will be the starter) can still get rest throughout the games as other guys will rotate to his position when needed.

Another reason why this won’t have a huge impact is depth. Kentucky’s offensive line isn’t know as a top 5 O line in the SEC for their talent, it’s depth that really makes this group special. The depth will allow guys like Mason Wolfe to get some action with Mosier out for the season. The depth also means the line shouldn’t skip a beat as long as the guys behind him can come in and play as they are expected to as we went from nine deep to eight deep meaning there are still three capable guys on the bench who can come in. Depth will end up playing a huge factor in why the O line won’t skip a beat.

ColeMosier uk athletics

To conclude, we will be fine this season without Cole Mosier”s services available. Rotating lineman has shown to work and will be crucial to the O line’s success and I believe it will. Depth is always great to have at any position and now with this injury it will show to be good news for Kentucky. Once again I want to extend my prayers and best wishes to Cole on his road to recovery. Thank you for all the great memories, Cole!

(picture courtesy of UK athletics)

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