Week One: What to Expect from Southern Miss Offense

Catch part two of this post on Thursday, August 17th: It will include their defense and facts about USM

Revenge. After having an opportunity to speak with the Football players and the coaching staff on August 5th, they were all ready and take care of business September 2nd. Former Kentucky coach Shannon Dawson and the Golden Eagles will face a poised  Kentucky team with leadership and depth that was lacking this time last season. So, what should you know about Southern Miss?

Quarterback Battle:

   The Quarterback position is still up for grabs; Kwandra Griggs is looking to take that spot over Keon Howard. Last year in Lexington, neither started. So, look for a shaky first half from Griggs. In what little I have seen of him, he looks to work East & West and then lets the WR’s go to work. Look for senior Jordan Jones to start the year off with a bang-  The opportunity for tackles is very feasible.

Running Backs:

Senior Ito Smith will be the workhorse for the foot game come gameday. After running for 175 yards last season against the Cats, Smith has speed, football IQ, and power that may land the Cats int some trouble. Look for George Payne to be the second & short running back. He adds another look for the offense and will cause the defense to be on their feet.

Offensive Line:

The young O-Line will have to be nearly perfect against the UK defense, because the short pass and run games will be crucial to their success. If we can slow them down, 3 and outs will occur for the USM offense. These guys will not be use to the up-tempo nature of the USM offense, which will tire them out. This will lead to great opportunities for UK.

Wide Receiver:

The three receivers who can go yard will be Korey Robertson, Isaiah Jones, and Allenzae Stagger. With all three being 6’5 or taller and less than 250 pounds, they will be speedy and tall. If UK decides to go with Man Defense, our cornerbacks must be on their A game. They will grind for the first down, and set our defense up for confusion.

Special Teams:

One of the weaker parts of the offense is the special teams. Parker Shaunfield is the Kicker for USM. His longest is 42 yards; which improves our chances if we can stop them.  Zac Everett, a senior punter averaged 41 yards per punt this year. He will be improved and a player to watch.


All in all, I think UK will win this one by two scores. However, our defense needs to be ready to go and focused because they will have the home crowd advantage.  We are more talented and experienced than USM, but our desire to win is what will propel UK to victory.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to view part two of this article on Thursday, August the 17th! It will include Facts about USM and What to Expect from the USM Defense. As always, don’t forget to share Ukfansallday.com to your friends and family. Follow @ukfootball and @ukfansallday ! I am Ty Buck and thanks for viewing! Let me know what you would like to see next-involving football or any of the less known sports!

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