Garner to UK

Yes! The cats were able to reel in one of the best cornerbacks in the class of 2018. Stanley Garner out of Fort Lauderdale, FL is in the top 50 out of cornerbacks nationwide per 247 sports. If the fact that he is great 3/4 star get depending on what site you are looking at, he turned down some powerhouse football offers to come to the University of Kentucky. Just to name a few, Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, Louisville, Florida State, and many many more. This along with many others in the upcoming 2018 class is a very statement get for the cats, and the statement reads, “we are coming for you”. I don’t expect Kentucky football to do anything like win a national title next season but what I do expect is a change of culture. It’s guys like these who allow us to do that. With that being said, we now wait patiently on another possible get for the cats here soon by the name of Jamari Brown. Could end up being a very exciting couple days for cats fans. Even without Jamari, this is a very incredible get for the team. Congrats Stanley and welcome to the BBN! Lets go to work! (photo courtesy of 247 sports)

Be sure to follow @Ukfansallday on twitter and Facebook for more info as the season goes on and myself @jacob_deaton

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