UK Women’s soccer suffers 1-0 loss in Wisconsin

  • IMG_0219
    The 2017-2018 NCAA athletic season officially started today, and a forming rivalry continued today in Madison, Wisconsin. The Kentucky women’s soccer team debuted the new blue checkered uniforms tonight at Wisconsin, and showed immediate improvement since last years 5-9-4 team. The starting XI tonight were Eva Mitchell, Miranda Jimenez, Holic Olding, Evangeline Soucie, Peyton Atkins, Tanya Samazrich, Yuuka Kurosaki, Gina Crosetti, Foster Ignoffo, Kelly Novak, and Sophie Stewart-Hobbs. The keeper, Soucie, was spectacular tonight. The true sophomore from New Jersey recorded 8 saves tonight, her second highest save amount in her tenure at UK. The first 45 minutes were intense and very equal, besides Wisconsin having more shots. Kentucky has about 24 players, 10 less than UW- this allows more fresh players and new looks on offense for Wisconsin. After halftime, Wisconsin pressured the ball constantly until the Kentucky offense was exhausted. Thus, providing an opportunity in the 77th minute. The 10th shot by Wisconsin snuck past Soucie’s head in the top left corner. Overall, I think that this team has improved and will consistently get better as the season continues. With three national team members, the skill and leadership aspects are building and becoming stronger. Although the Cats came short today, look for a solid improvement from last year’s team. The final game in the Badger state takes place this Sunday in Milwaukee against Marquette at 4:00 EST. The first home game at the Bell will be on August 27th vs. EKU. Come out and support your Cats!
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