Get to know Kentucky commit Chance Poore! 

Chance Poore, Anderson,SC (Westside HS) 

HT– 6’3 WT– 200 40-4.87 Year– Class of 2018.   Postion-Kicker

I had the opportunity to to talk to Chance and here’s what he had to say! 

What made you choose Kentucky?

“I always wanted to play big time college football and this was the SEC also, I have a great chance of starting my first year and the community felt like family. No matter where i went there was nothing negative in Lexington at all.”

What do you hope to accomplish at UK?

“Goal is to use this scholarship to get a college education and start a normal life. I want to contribute to the team as much as possible wether i’m kicking game winners or just making extra points. I want the University to have one of the best, hard working, humbled kicker they ever had. Mostly make an impact and help this program.”

How do you feel about the football program at Kentucky as a whole? 

“It’s growing. I’ve seen past games and huge upsets Kentucky has pulled off and I know that we can compete in the SEC and even big power house teams.”

Are there any currently committed players that you are excited to play with?

“As a kicker I won’t be working with any of the commits as much. I’m excited to meet the guys get to know them more and get to work with the specialist already on the team and helping each other get better. All in all I really can’t wait to watch what our players and commits have to show for Kentucky.”

Is there a sense of brother brotherhood with the 2018 class?

“Yes. Haven’t even met the guys and I already feel like we’re family. Can’t wait to meet and get to know these guys and help each other get better.”

If you were able to do anything other than play football, what would it be and why?

Probably be a normal student. Student Sections and help out with my high school because I always want to contribute in anyway possible.”

What do you like doing when you’re not playing football?

“Relaxing and recovering from football. Other things would probably be like spring sports like soccer and any events like student section things anything with high school.” 

What’s your favorite place to eat at and what do you order?

“probably chipotle with a chicken quesadilla.” 

Favorite emoji?

“gotta be 🤷🏻‍♂️”

Anything you want BBN to know? 

“special teams will be a factor for opponents to look out for. I will make sure I give my all every year, game, and kick.”

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