Football: Interview with the SEC Network’s Cole Cubelic

(image from ESPN)

Q. You host an A.M. radio show. Tell us a little about it and how we can find it.

Cole Cubelic: “6-10am Ct on also the app is available for iPhone or android. Search WUMP In North Alabama on 103.9FM 730AM.”

Q. It was recently announced that you’d be apart of the new “SEC Saturday Night” crew. What are some Kentucky games you hope you get to broadcast?

Cole Cubelic: “Any Kentucky games we call would be cool.”

Q. You are really high on Kentucky’s offensive line. Does the Cole Mosier injury impact your opinion at all?

Cole Cubelic: “It does. I don’t think it makes me feel like Kentucky’s win total will change but it’s impactful. It obviously could lead to other issues with depth and experience. It will be tough for that OL to exceed expectations now.”

Q. Most Kentucky fans feel disrespected with the preseason standings put out on SEC Media days but you have them finishing third in the east. Why do you think some people aren’t as high on the cats as you are?

Cole Cubelic: “The logo. The history. It’s not comfortable to study a team and find reason they might be different than what others believe. It’s much easier to play the probabilities of teams that have previously been successful. Some people may just not know.”

Q. Which player on offense or defense do you think impacts the team the most?

Cole Cubelic: “Stephen Johnson. He was good a year ago. He has a chance to improve and if he does the Kentucky offense to really excel. More balance could make this team more dangerous. With the receiver numbers dwindling more of Johnson improving on accuracy, consistency and decision making will be critical.”

Q. As an outside source looking in, what is your opinion on the name change from Commonwealth Stadium to Kroger Field?

Cole Cubelic: “You never like to see tradition altered in the way of financial gain but I get it. It doesn’t bother me that much because I see the underlying reasons. I’d much rather it stay as Commonwealth Stadium mainly because that’s what I know it as.”

Q. Which game do you think Kentucky needs to win the most?

Cole Cubelic: “I think South Carolina is huge. Have a good chance to be undefeated at that point and that would build confidence moving forward. An early divisional win would really set the table for UK especially with that schedule.”

I really want to thank Cole for taking the time to do this interview for us! It definitely was one of the most fun articles to make in my tenure on! You can follow Cole on twitter with the handle @colecubelic. Also don’t forget to follow @ukfansallday on Twitter and Facebook! Go cats! 

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