Leonard Taylor: Why aren’t we talking about him?

Leonard Taylor a 4 star TE from Springfield, OH has managed to stay under the radar due to his less than active attitude on social media which goes against the norm with today’s athletes. Standing at 6-5.5 and weighing in around 246, Taylor would be an amazing addition at the position of TE. Per 247 sports he is inside their top 15 at the position of TE in the country and also per 247 sports he is highly favored to commit to Kentucky coming in at 82%. Some people choose not to buy into those numbers due to so many being wrong before after being heavily favored one way but I do think that they are right the majority of the time and this is because these numbers aren’t pulled out of just anywhere, it is given after consulting with insiders outside of any team affiliation and then insiders close with both teams and both sides say Kentucky. With this commit, it could very well push us inside the top 15. This commit would allow another target for a young Jarren Williams to build off of once he steps on campus next year with this new class. Very exciting things coming Kentucky’s way, showing that this class is all but done. The only question next is, when will he commit? (Photo courtesy of 247 sports)

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